Lasek: I am not the gravedigger of the CPK project

Lasek on the future of CPK.  "There is no discussion..."

I don’t decide whether we will build the CPK or not. I am skeptical about the poor implementation of the investment – said Maciej Lasek, government plenipotentiary for CPK, in the “Guest of Radio Zet” program, emphasizing that the investment schedules announced by the previous team are unrealistic. This is to be confirmed by people working in the company.

The government’s plenipotentiary for CPK, Maciej Lasek, was a guest of Radio Zet on Thursday. He emphasized that the airport opening dates announced by the previous management were completely unrealistic. – The schedules we were informed about by Minister Horała or the company are completely unrealistic – Lasek said in the program “Guest of Radio Zet”.

Babes with unrealistic schedules regarding CPK. “Fairy tales”

When asked if there is a chance that two runways will be opened in 2028, the Radio Zet guest replied: – No, these are fairy tales. We talk to people who work in the company. They are starting to open up. They say this is a completely unrealistic schedule.

Later in the broadcast, Lasek emphasized that he was not skeptical about the investment itself, but about the terrible implementation of this investment. – I don’t decide whether we will build the CPK or not. I am skeptical about poor investment management – said the government representative for CPK.

Lasek confirmed that the audit process has already begun. When asked about the first applications, he pointed to an unrealistic schedule. – I will not say exactly what the final result of the audit will be, but people working in the company say that the schedule is not realistic. How do you estimate the probability of maintaining this schedule? Less than 1 percent These are not external experts, these are people who have worked in the company for years – said the Radio Zet guest.

Lasek expects the audit to be completed by mid-year.

– I am not the undertaker of this project, I am supposed to rationalize it – said the government representative for CPK in the online part of the program.

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