Attention! Favorable offers for purchasing loans on are a scam

Attention!  Favorable offers for purchasing loans on are a scam

Cybercriminals are currently hunting users of the shopping platform, trying to extort money from them on popular instant messengers.

Cybercriminals are currently on the prowl on popular instant messengers such as Telegram Discord or Messenger, as well as on Facebook groups, trying to attract the attention of potential customers of the shopping platform. Ago. Therefore, if you use popular instant messengers on various social media, or you are simply a Facebook user, you must be careful once again.

Cybercriminals offer cheap loans on

This time, the scam has its own specific target group, which are people who make purchases in the Temu store, which has recently been causing quite a stir in Poland because it is a competitor to AliExpress, which has been popular in Poland for many years.

The way it works is that fraudsters send their potential victims specially prepared price lists, which show that they can cheaply purchase loan packages for use in a Chinese online store. The victim learns that by paying, for example, PLN 60, he will receive credits worth PLN 100 to be used on The higher the package, the more advantageous it is, because for just PLN 140 you can allegedly receive as much as PLN 200 for shopping. And so on.

They extort personal data and then take out a loan for it

These price lists are, of course, made up, because such offers do not exist on, so it is just another attempt by ubiquitous cybercriminals to prey on Internet users.

In addition to trying to extort money, fraudsters may also send dangerous links through which they will also try to extort personal data from their victims. And there is probably no need to explain to anyone that it is very easy to take out a loan with such stolen data. Then a serious problem arises for the injured party, which can be summed up by the saying “look for the wind in the field.”

He sends warning messages to him

The situation with fraudsters sending false price lists on social media is so serious that the Temu platform warns its users against the next wave of cybercrimes. The website clearly states that it never offers any additional funds in this way, nor does it ask its customers to purchase them via e-mail or SMS.

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