Dahlia has health properties. Their discovery is a breakthrough in the treatment of a dangerous disease

Dahlia has health properties.  Their discovery is a breakthrough in the treatment of a dangerous disease

Dahlia has surprising healing properties. This popular garden flower can not only please the eyes, but also help in the treatment of one of the most dangerous diseases.

A team of experts from the University of Otago in New Zealand, led by Associate Professor Alexander Tups, analyzed the composition of the extract obtained from fresh dahlia flowers. It contains large amounts of flavonoids, sulfuretin and/or isoliquiritigenin and butein (a pigment responsible for giving plants a yellow color). In the next step, the scientists decided to check whether and how the tested substance could affect glucose tolerance. They performed tests on mice. The results of the experiments carried out are surprising.

Dahlia flower extract lowers blood sugar levels

It turns out that dahlia flower extract regulates blood glucose concentration and causes a drop in sugar levels just thirty minutes after taking the drug. Tissue sensitivity to insulin also increases. The effect was reproducible and also occurred in humans. Scientists have observed it in many tests. Their discovery was patented, which resulted in the introduction to the New Zealand market of a natural dietary supplement with dahlia extract, which is intended to support the process of regulating blood sugar levels. The product – as the authors of the project indicate – can help a very large group of people, especially those diagnosed with prediabetes or the beginnings of type 2 diabetes.

What is prediabetes?

Prediabetes is an increased level of glucose in the body. However, its level is not yet high enough to diagnose diabetes (it does not exceed 125 mg/dl on an empty stomach). How to recognize the mentioned threat? You should pay attention primarily to symptoms such as: increased thirst, excretion of large amounts of urine, severe fatigue that has no objective cause, slowing down of the wound healing process, visual disturbances or decreased immunity (frequent “catching” various types of infections).

Prediabetes should never be underestimated. Otherwise, full-blown diabetes may develop. It is an extremely dangerous disease that significantly disrupts the functioning of the human body on many different levels. The disease increases the risk of kidney failure, vision damage, neuropathy and ketoacidosis.

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