These are extremely beautiful bicycle loops in Poland. Check out our TOP 5 list

These are extremely beautiful bicycle loops in Poland.  Check out our TOP 5 list

The May period is an ideal opportunity to go on a bicycle trip. If you haven't planned on a long or long trip this year, you can think about riding one of the beautiful Polish bicycle loops.

Choosing the most beautiful bicycle loops in Poland is not easy. According to everyone, the list could be made slightly differently. We have prepared five proposals that will allow you to enjoy wonderful views and commune with nature. Some of them will require you to book a few days off or a weekend, for others you will only need a few hours. What will you choose? To work.

The Great Bieszczady Loop

It's worth starting the list with a route for ambitious people. The Great Bieszczady Loop is ideal not only for cyclists, but also motorcyclists and people who prefer walking and car trips. If you decide on a two-wheeler, you must bear in mind that this trip will take you at least 2 days, unless you are very experienced in this type of riding and do not care much about exploring the area in more detail.

We are talking about a beautiful route in the Bieszczady Mountains, which is about 150 km long. The numerous elevation changes certainly make riding difficult. The whole area connects many popular tourist destinations and runs along public roads marked as national and provincial. It is worth starting the trip in Lesko. Then you go, among others: By. Hoczew, Nowosiółki, Mchawe, Baligród, Bystre, Łubne, Jabłonki, Cisną, Smerek, Wetlina, Brzegi Górne, Przełęcz Wyżniańska or Ustrzyki Górne.

Masuria. Giżycko – Giżycko

In Masuria you can use, among others: from the great Masurian Bicycle Loop, which is approximately 300 km long. However, many consider it still not fully finished and complain about the lack of good signage. For this reason, we chose only part of the Masurian area where you can ride a beautiful, shorter loop of about 54 km. It is worth starting the trip in Giżycko. On the way you pass Harsz, Sztynort and Skrzypy to finally find yourself in Giżycko again. All this around one beautiful Lake Kisajno.

The loop leads in such a way that it almost completely avoids busy streets. Along the way, we will see beautiful views and lots of greenery. The surface is very diverse, but mostly paved. However, you need to be prepared not only for asphalt, but also sand and gravel. If that's not enough for you, you can also choose the Ryn – Ryn loop. Then you go around Lake Tałty and go, among others, through Mikołajki.

Dolomite Cycling Loop

Dolomite Cycling Loop in Kamienna Góra in the province Lower Silesia is quite a demanding, but at the same time interesting trail. It will be perfect for entire families, and it has beautiful nature, views and attractions. It will work well for users of various bicycles, although MTB will probably be particularly convenient. There are dirt and asphalt roads along the route, and you can also count on good signage.

The trail is perfect for a one-day trip because it is only 43.07 km long. Of course, you can divide it into two days and have more time for sightseeing or enjoying attractions. The whole thing runs through Brama Lubawska, Grzbiet Lasocki and Rudawy Janowicke. The theme of the route is rock mining.

Podgórze Ciezwickie

Here we are talking about a trail located in the south-eastern region of Poland, in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Petla Podgórze Więcwickie is approximately 85 km long and is perfect for both a one-day and multi-day trip. It's worth starting everything in Tarnów. Then we go through the following towns: Zawada, Trzemesna, Kokocz, Kowalowa, Olszyny, Jodłówka Tuchowska, Chojnik, Rychwałd, Pleśna and end in Tarnów.

Beautiful views of wild nature await us there. Along the way, we can visit the most interesting viewing spots between Więcowice and Paleśnica. Interestingly, there are many interesting places along the trail where you can organize evening feasts around a bonfire or barbecue – the village of Jamna is a good choice here.

Velo Czorsztyn

Velo Czorsztyn is the last proposition. We are talking about a bicycle route around Lake Czorsztyńskie. It is a dam reservoir on the Dunajec River, in the Nowy Targ Valley, between the Pieniny Mountains and the Gorce Mountains in Małopolska. The trail is definitely the shortest of all the ones proposed here and is approximately 27.3 km long. Along the way, you can expect 127 ascents and 195 descents. The advantage is certainly the pleasant and asphalt surface throughout the trail.

Why is it worth going? Being in the area, we can enjoy beautiful views and visit, among others: Pieniny National Park. Floating ships and gondolas, the monumental Castle in Niedzica and the ruins of the Castle in Czorsztyn are also a hit along the way. The route is considered by many to be one of the best options for a bicycle trip in Poland. The trail is undemanding, but may be a bit difficult for people with weaker fitness.

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