Poles will spend a long weekend here. Flight and hotel for less than PLN 500

Poles will spend a long weekend here.  Flight and hotel for less than PLN 500

These destinations will be the most popular among Polish travelers at the end of May and early June. The prices are not high at all.

In May and June, Poles cannot complain about the lack of opportunities to travel. The May weekend is behind us, and more days off from work are just around the corner. The eSky.pl travel center checked where tourists from Poland will pay the least for their holidays from May 30 to June 2 and which foreign destinations are particularly popular. Among the top hot cities were Italy, Spain, Malta and Cyprus.

The cheapest destinations for Poles

The online travel center eSky.pl checked which European cities offer tourists from Poland really attractive prices, taking into account the costs of flight and hotel accommodation. Experts analyzed the most popular countries in terms of the number of “City Break” packages booked in the period from May 27 to June 2, 2024 in a given country. Research shows that we will pay the least for a short holiday with accommodation lasting two to four days in the Italian resort of Rimini. On average, such a trip should cost us PLN 430 per person. “For less than PLN 500, Poles organizing trips using the online platform also booked packages to Bari (PLN 467 per person, 2 days) and Bergamo (PLN 475 per person, 3 days),” we read. Athens and Terromolinos, located in hot Andalusia, were also among the leaders. We will spend just over PLN 500 on “June” in Paphos in Cyprus, Spanish Lloret de mar, Thessaloniki and in Malta: Bigubba and Sliema. The indicated prices do not include meals.

Most popular Rome

We also learned about the cities that will receive the largest number of Polish tourists during Corpus Christi. Rome topped the list, followed by the tourist town of Sliema in Malta, located right next to the island's capital, Valletta. The next places that will welcome the most guests from Poland at the end of May and the beginning of June are Catania, Larnaca, Bari, Rimini, Naples and Palermo. “Although we formally refer to trips lasting up to 4 days as city breaks, in reality we see that even in this category typical holiday destinations are starting to dominate. This is a big change in customer behavior that comes to us from Western countries, where many travelers go on city breaks, but to “holiday” destinations,” explains Jarosław Grabczak, from the eSky Group. Travelers who prefer to wait for the peak of summer before traveling abroad should check the list of the cheapest countries for holidays in July and August.

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