Difficult start “At the start”. “The apartment is holding its breath”

Will apartment prices fall?  Wysocki for "Wprost": Light at the end of the tunnel, which will soon go out

Customers are in the starting blocks, developers are increasing supply, and sellers of used premises are in uncertainty. Meanwhile, prices are starting to rise again – “Rzeczpospolita” writes about the confusion caused by the new government housing program “Na start”.

– The apartment building is holding its breath. The government is accelerating work on the cheap “Start” loan program. Customers and sellers are wondering what strategies to adopt. Should you decide to make a transaction today or wait for additional payments? Developers add to the fire by preparing an offer for the program beneficiaries – writes “Rzeczpospolita”.

Will the creators of “Na start” leave soon?

According to the newspaper, the chaos in the housing sector may soon deepen, which is related to the fact that the creators of the “Start” loan may soon leave the government. Minister of Development and Technology Krzysztof Hetman plans to run in the June elections to the European Parliament. Earlier, in next Sunday, deputy head of the ministry Krzysztof Kukucki will fight for the position of president of Włocławek.

The draft law on the “Start” loan appeared on April 8. It assumes that bonuses will be awarded mainly to large households with at least three children. They can count on a zero interest rate on the loan, and it does not have to be their first property – unlike other beneficiaries. But we cannot count on price drops for smaller one- and two-room apartments. Although the government program does not favor singles, i.e. the group buying such apartments, they are still very desirable by investors who treat them as a capital investment.

– Another program to support demand is announced, and experience shows that this ends in further price increases – comments Marcin Krasoń, Otodom Analytics expert, in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita”. – Some people may refrain from buying a flat until the subsidies come into force, which will cause demand spikes. This is not good for the market – he adds.

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