The tourist accidentally ordered a drink worth PLN 10,000. zloty. Her husband left her with the bill

The tourist accidentally ordered a drink worth PLN 10,000.  zloty.  Her husband left her with the bill

The woman ordered an expensive drink with gold and thirty-year-old whiskey because she made a mistake with the commas. The furious partner left the hotel premises.

When on vacation, it’s easy to get carried away by the madness and forget how much you spend. We at have already written about a mother and daughter who bought cocktails and snacks in Mykonos for the value of the Polish minimum wage. This tourist in London broke all previous records and paid over PLN 10,000 for one drink.

The woman’s husband fled after seeing the bill

Lynsey Bennett, from Belfast, was staying in Great Britain with her husband. They chose a luxurious five-star hotel for their stay. They spent one of the evenings at the hotel bar, where Lynsey had already ordered a few not-so-cheap drinks. When she was deciding on another drink, her attention was caught by a cocktail called 1890. The woman was sure that the drink cost £18.90, but when the bartender used, among others, Cristal champagne, thirty-year-old whiskey and edible gold, she began to have doubts. When the employee handed her the bill, she froze. She gave the receipt for £1,890 to her husband, who hurriedly left the premises, leaving the woman alone with the problem. The Irishwoman told her followers about the incident on TikTok.

The hotel staff were understanding

The stressed woman explained her mistake to the bartender. Lynsey thought the drink would cost her less than £20, not a hundred times that. The hotel staff was understanding and forgave the mistake. The bartender called the facility’s manager and obtained permission to let the woman return to the room without paying. Despite this, the tourist was still stressed and feared that she would suffer financial consequences. “It was the first of a five-day stay at this hotel, so my nerves were completely destroyed the entire time we were there,” she said.

Lynsey tried to avoid the bar, but on the last night of her stay she broke this rule and went back to the bar, where she met the manager. The man told the tourist that the bartender had been fired by him. When the tourist burst into tears, he admitted that he was only joking. “He told me to calm down. He stated that there was no dismissal, but he was provided with training because this had happened before. From now on, it will inform everyone who orders the famous cocktail that it does not cost from £18.90,” she concluded in the recording.

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