There was real estate, bank, television. Now Oskar Szafarowicz is aiming at the Sejm

There was real estate, bank, television.  Now Oskar Szafarowicz is aiming at the Sejm

According to the latest reports, Oskar Szafarowicz, the founder of “Okiem Młodych” and a great supporter of Jarosław Kaczyński’s party, will be on the electoral list of Law and Justice to the Sejm.

The information that Oskar Szafarowicz is to be included in the lists of PiS to the Sejm was first reported by Radio ZET. A young admirer of the ruling party’s policy is to apply for a parliamentary seat from the last place on the list of Law and Justice in Sieradz.

Szafarowicz’s brilliant career

Szafarowicz appeared in public life as a co-founder of the TikTok account “Okiem Młodych”, where he posted short videos on political topics. In his productions, together with his colleagues from the PiS Youth Forum, he criticized the opposition, Donald Tusk, and consistently praised the government’s policy in every field. Although the attempt to reach young people with PiS’s message ended in a disastrous failure, his dedication to promoting the ruling party was noticed and appreciated.

It soon turned out that Szafarowicz’s attitude was enough to perform various functions, often requiring extensive competence. The 22-year-old Law and Justice activist, despite his lack of professional experience, received a job at the National Property Resource, an institution created by the government, intended to support the development of housing construction. A law student there, he served as a junior social media specialist.

After construction, it was the turn of other branches of the economy. It turned out that the young activist of the ruling party is competent enough to advise the president of the state-owned bank PKO BP on the employment of young employees. As Wirtualna Polska found out, Szafarowicz was employed in the bank “in the area of ​​the president of the management board, in the personnel management division, in the employee value management office, in the planning and reporting team”.

However, this is not the end, because the 22-year-old from Law and Justice also appeared as a TV presenter. At the beginning of April this year, he made his debut on the government-friendly TV Republika, where he hosted his own program “Hity w Sieci”.

Szafarowicz on Twitter

Oskar Szafarowicz is an extremely active Twitter user, where I publish a lot of posts every day that are critical of the opposition and flattering about the rule of Law and Justice. His activity has also become the cause of serious controversy.

22-shared on his profile an article by Tomasz Dyuklanowski from Radio Szczecin, in which an employee of the state media described the case of a pedophile once associated with the Civic Platform. The text contained information that allowed to quickly determine that its victims could have been the children of PO MP Magdalena Filiks. Commenting on the case, Szafarowicz asked Filiks why “he has been silent for over a year, putting his party career above their good.”

Shortly after the publication and comments of Szafaroiwcza, Magdalena Filiks announced that her son had taken his own life. After this confession, a huge wave of criticism and indignation fell on Szafarowicz and Duklanowski, which eventually forced the young activist to delete his comments.

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