PO paid hundreds of thousands of zlotys to a hater? He attacked, among others, Szymon Hołownia

PO paid hundreds of thousands of zlotys to a hater?  He attacked, among others,  Szymon Hołownia

The last election campaign was conducted by the Civic Platform, among others: under the banner of the fight against online hate speech. Meanwhile, Wirtualna Polska’s journalistic investigation showed that it paid large sums to an Internet hater.

Szymon Jadczak’s extensive text describes in detail the activities of a Twitter (currently platform X) hater nicknamed “PabloMoralesPL”. This is an account with over 100,000. followers, known for their sympathy towards PO politicians and sharp comments against PiS, but also Poland 2050 and the Left. This user called numerous politicians from various parties “morons”, “morons”, “idiots”. He was particularly fond of Szymon Hołownia.

An internet hater associated with a businessman cooperating with PO

“Useful idiot, narcissist, liar, manipulator, coward.” “Since 2019, Hołownia has done nothing else but f**k up the opposition” – this is about his activities. And he addressed Hołownia himself as “PabloMoralesPL”: “Szymon!!! When will you join PiS??? (…) You talk like Brudziński. You think like Suski. (…) You are PiS in a nutshell,” Pablo Morales attacked.

Wirtualna Polska linked this account to an entrepreneur from Warsaw, Bartosz Kopani. TVP also did this before under the previous government. This man deals with consulting, PR, communication and production of films and television programs. In 2017, Newsweek wrote that he advised the Civic Platform. He was the one who came up with the unfortunate slogan of “total opposition”.

WP: Bartosz Kopania is PabloMoralesPL

Digging He published the same photographs as Pablo Morales several times in small intervals. He was also recorded walking his dog, which was later shown to him by an internet hater. Even the leash was OK. WP journalists emphasized that Morales and Kopani also agreed on their voices. The last time they could assess this issue was when they telephoned him while writing the text discussed here.

Another Twitter user (X) decided to find out whether PabloMoralesPL is financially supported by PO. Aleksander Twardowski found out in court that Bartosz Kopania issued invoices to the Civic Platform in the years 2015-2-23 for the amount of PLN 305,000. PLN gross. Wirtualna Polska has already asked about the details of this cooperation. PO treasurer Jan Grabiec distanced himself from Kopania. He said that the party had its own social media team.

Kopania: This is a provocation of the PiS services

She sent her questions to Kopani WP to the e-mail address that was associated with the “Jan Widawski” account during the Twitter data leak. This is another hater who interacted with the PabloMoralesPL account very often. He called Oskar Szafarowicz a “slut” and a “PiS b***h”. “When I read your posts, babe, I know that the midwife dropped you on the concrete after giving birth. “Head down” – he attacked the Internet user.

“This is a provocation by TVP Info and the PiS services. Illegal provocation. I do not comment on these types of questions because they contain a thesis written by PiS officers and are untrue. And data about me was obtained illegally and in order to attack KO during the election campaign,” Bartosz Kopania replied to WP’s questions.

When asked if his voice was similar to Hater’s, he replied evasively. “As for the vote: the right to comment on political reality is a civil right of every citizen. Pablo Morales or Bartosz Kopani. Irrelevant. And I will defend the right to free speech. No matter who this attack affects,” he said.

PO criticized PiS for hate. Does she use this method herself?

The businessman did not answer questions about cooperation with the Civic Platform. He stopped replying to e-mails and messages and hung up on phones. So the WP asked the PO with the same questions. It was only revealed with reservations that Kopania received payments “for preparing political science expertise for the party.” The last invoice was issued after winning the elections, in December 2023.

Donald Tusk and Jan Grabiec did not respond to questions sent by the WP editorial team. In her text, she decided to recall the Prime Minister’s statement on hate speech. “The death of Paweł Adamowicz is not an individual act. The mayor of Gdańsk was murdered because for many months (…) the great PiS machine tried to convince him that he was the embodiment of evil. Of course, there always has to be someone at the end who will pull out a knife or a revolver. However, there is always a bad word at the beginning. Nazism did not start with gas chambers, but with this bad word,” said the politician on January 13.

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