There was no surprise. The Polish athlete did it again

There was no surprise.  The Polish athlete did it again

Norbert Kobielski showed up at the Polish Indoor Championships to defend the title of our country’s champion and he had no problem with it.

The Polish Indoor Championships allowed fans to see up close the starts of many stars they support every day in prestigious international competitions. This time, the cream of athletics also came to Toruń, including Norbert Kobielski. He entered the event organized in Copernicus’ hometown as the defending champion.

Norbert Kobielski defended the title

Fans had the right to expect a lot from him, considering the player’s recent statements. Quite recently, he admitted that he feels very strong before the Olympic Games. In an interview with, he openly declared that he believed that he would break the Polish record in Paris, and that such a result would also give him a medal. – I will do everything in my power, and I have great power – he declared. During the Polish Indoor Championships, he had one task – to confirm his own words.

The defending champion entered the competition when several competitors had already finished participating. Mikołaj Szczęsny, Sebastian Moszczyński and Filip Kostkiewicz did not exceed the 2-meter level. Kobielski, on the other hand, started jumping from a ceiling of 2.14 meters. This was also the moment when three more high jumpers were eliminated from the competition, namely Kewin Małek, Jakub Hołub and Cezar Sidya. Only Mateusz Kołodziejski and our biggest star in this discipline are left in the game for gold.

As expected, it was Kobielski who took the highest place on the podium after reaching a height of 2.22 meters in the second attempt. His rival couldn’t do it, so the title again went to the MKS Inowrocław player. It is true that he could have continued jumping to increase his result or even fight for a personal best, but he decided not to do so. After his opponent’s unsuccessful attempt, he thanked and said goodbye to the audience. In third place ex aequo were Małek and Hołub with a ceiling of 2.10.

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