Storm after Żukowska's profanity towards Hołownia. “You've been drinking, don't tweet”

Storm after Żukowska's profanity towards Hołownia.  "You've been drinking, don't tweet"

Szymon Hołownia's words about abortion clearly irritated Anna Maria Żukowska. The vulgar comment by the Left MP caused a wave of indignation.

During a meeting in Tychy with his supporters, Szymon Hołownia raised the issue of liberalization of abortion law. – We have differences in the coalition regarding abortion. When talking about this issue, we need peace and patience so that, while fighting for good, we do not introduce more evil, said the Marshal of the Sejm. This statement irritated Anna Maria Żukowska. “Fuck off with this calmness,” the Left MP wrote on social media. In the next entry, she confirmed that her words were the official position of the club.

Anna Maria Żukowska vulgarly to Szymon Hołownia

The parliamentarian's comment caused a storm. Anna Maria Żukowska's words were discussed in “Rymanowski's Breakfast” on Polsat News. Anita Kucharska-Dziedzic emphasized that “both the entire club and the voters of the Left share the MP's emotions, i.e. anger and disappointment after Szymon Hołownia announced that the discussion on abortion projects will be postponed until after the local elections.” – Will the entire club stand behind her and chant this phrase? NO. If we all refrain from using expressions of this type, it will be good for all of us, admitted the representative of the Left.

Barbara Oliwiecka from Trzecia Droga spoke more harshly. – I can't imagine a politician who cares about a certain issue using such language soberly. Saturday evening is not a good time to tweet. I took the liberty of writing: You've been drinking, don't tweet. It was self-plowing – said the MP from Poland 2050.

Przemysław Wipler on the “cynical game of the Left”

A politician from Szymon Hołownia's party wondered how Anna Maria Żukowska wants to convince the unconvinced to support the project if she approaches the Speaker of the Sejm in this way, who – despite differences in views – is favorable, wants to proceed with the project of changes and encourages the unconvinced to vote for it. him. – Politics is not about being right, but about finding support for your projects. I expect an apology from Anna Maria Żukowska and that the Left Club will distance itself from her words – she added.

Przemysław Wipler also took part in the discussion. The Confederation politician said that such comments are a “cynical game of the Left.” – He wants to stand out by force. This is squeezing the center to show that there is no place in Poland for the Third Way, he said.

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