“Baby Godzilla” torpedoed the performance of F1 drivers. Unexpected entrance

"Baby Godzilla" torpedoed the performance of F1 drivers.  Unexpected entrance

Formula 1 drivers changed continents. After the Italian Grand Prix, they left Europe and went to Asia. In Singapore, they will fight for further points on the street track in evening conditions. Unexpectedly, during Friday’s training session,… lizards got in the way.

This year’s Formula 1 season is not full of surprises if we look at the top of the classification of the best drivers. Max Verstappen dominates almost every race, with such a huge advantage over the competition that only a cataclysmic event could stop him from winning a third consecutive world championship.

‘Baby Godzilla’ made driving difficult for F1 drivers

His team, Red Bull, is also unrivaled in the constructors’ competition. The entire field is competing this weekend in Singapore, where a night race has been held on the track in the country’s capital for years. Standard practice during a race weekend is Friday practice sessions. Unexpectedly, Ferrari team drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc performed well in both of them and shared the victories.

Unexpected “attractions” accompanied the drivers in the first session. The judges had to announce the yellow flag on the track three times due to the invasion of lizards. The large reptiles like the track. When the leader of the general classification was following the thread, he had to avoid one of them. The large lizard became the subject of a conversation between the Dutchman and his racing engineer, Gianpiero Lambiase.

– There’s a lizard on the track again. This time it’s smaller, Verstappen said.

– Ok I understood. Maybe Godzilla had a baby, the engineer replied.

The drivers will compete in the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix

Fortunately, neither the drivers nor the lizards were hurt. However, before tomorrow’s time trial, the track marshals must be careful, as the qualifying drivers will want to achieve the best possible time at all costs. On a street track it is much more difficult to overtake, so a high starting position is worth its weight in gold.

Last year’s Singapore Grand Prix was won by Sergio Perez, who beat Leclerc and Sainz.

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