The visa scandal from the inside. Journalists talked to deceived Hindus

The visa scandal from the inside.  Journalists talked to deceived Hindus

Gazeta Wyborcze journalists reached three Indian citizens who used the services of suspicious intermediaries and illegally obtained Polish visas and work permits. As it turned out, they were deceived.

Although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not officially linked these two events, journalists from “Gazeta Wyborcza” and Onet clearly link the dismissal of deputy minister Piotr Wawrzyk with the visa scandal. CBA agents also entered the ministry, suspecting corruption in the process of work visas for people from Asia and Africa.

Visa scandal and bribes for work permits

According to Onet’s information, Wawrzyk allegedly forced diplomats from our country to issue visas to the people he indicated. As a result of this practice, an entire channel was to be created for the illegal transfer of immigrants through Europe to the United States. Payments for such transfers ranged from PLN 25,000 to PLN 40,000. dollars.

“Wyborcza” journalists managed to reach three Indians who decided to take this type of trip. As they said, India is full of companies and individual agents who offer to get a visa and find a work permit for money. They were promised that they would earn PLN 4,000 each. PLN on hand per month. They were also supposed to hear assurances about free accommodation and food.

Gazeta Wyborcza’s interlocutors admitted that in their country they earned about PLN 10,000. Indian rupees, i.e. approximately PLN 500 per month. They admitted that they were impressed by the money and wanted to send it back to their family who remained in their homeland. So they agreed to pay half a million rupees in cash, i.e. PLN 26,000, for work permits. zloty. The parents of one of them sold the land for this “investment”.

Deceived labor migrants

On June 3, 2022, the Podkarpackie Voivode issued a work permit for all three Indians. The applications were submitted by a company based in Warsaw, dealing with employment agency. For 50 thousand rupees, i.e. 2.5 thousand PLN men still obtained a visa. They used the services of the Indian company VFS Global and paid extra to speed up the procedure.

They arrived in Poland in January this year. They were met at the airport by an Indian, to whom they had to pay another PLN 500. In return, the man took them to the hotel, helped them get a PESEL number, a clean criminal record certificate and set up bank accounts. Then they were ordered to go to Podkarpacie, where they spent 15 days in an unheated house. After some time, their contact stopped answering their calls.

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