Putin’s “cannibalistic” speech sparked a backlash. Zelensky’s adviser outlined a dark vision

Putin's "cannibalistic" speech sparked a backlash.  Zelensky's adviser outlined a dark vision

Mykhailo Podolak referred to the scandalous words said by Vladimir Putin. “This is the time to make the right choices,” wrote an adviser to Volodymyr Zelensky.

During his speech at the Valdai Discussion Club, Vladimir Putin repeated the scandalous theses that are distributed on a daily basis by the Russian propaganda apparatus. He lied that Russia did not start the war in Ukraine, but implemented a “special military operation” to carry out denazification and thus protect the local population.

As reported by Reuters, Vladimir Putin also emphasized that Russia is a gigantic country and “there is no need to take territory from Ukraine.” Later in the speech, he attacked the West. In the opinion of the Russian president, “the conflict is not of an imperial or territorial nature, but about global order, and the West, which has lost its hegemonic power and has always needed an enemy, has also lost touch with reality.”

Polak about Putin’s “cannibalistic” speech. “Classic Theses of a Total Criminal”

Mykhailo Podolak described Putin’s speech as “cannibalistic.” He pointed out that Putin said these words at a time when Ukraine is struggling with the consequences of a Russian missile attack on a cafe in the village of Groza, Kharkiv Oblast. More than 50 people died as a result of the occupiers’ attack.

“‘A lie is the truth’, ‘war is peace’ – classic theses of a total criminal who deliberately invaded a sovereign country with the sole purpose of destroying Ukrainians and everything Ukrainian,” wrote an advisor to the President of Ukraine on the X website (formerly Twitter).

He also called for the acceleration of arms deliveries to Ukraine. “It is already clear that any ‘alternative’ to Russia’s strategic defeat on the battlefield, followed by a hasty withdrawal of troops from Ukraine and the beginning of Russia’s internal political transformation, will be much more costly to the global community than direct support for Ukraine now.” Mykhailo Podolak pointed out.

Volodymyr Zelensky’s adviser also outlined a dark vision if “Russia had not lost.” In his opinion, there would be “a complete dismantling of global rules, growing instability, a costly arms race, numerous regional wars and coups d’état.” “This is the time to make the right choices,” wrote Mykhajło Podolak.

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