New Mraz recordings. Harsh words were spoken about Morawiecki's father: Russian agent

New Mraz recordings.  Harsh words were spoken about Morawiecki's father: Russian agent

The content of new tapes regarding politicians of Sovereign Poland was revealed in the “19.30” program. This time, the topic of former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and his father appeared.

Last week, Onet reported that Tomasz Mraz was to record the management of the Ministry of Justice for two years. Investigators obtained 50 hours of recordings.

A transcript of one of the conversations has just been revealed. The recording features the former director of the Justice Fund department and former deputy head of the Ministry of Justice, Marcin Romanowski.

“Russian Agent”

Romanowski talked about the accusations leveled against the then head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, and about attacking the Justice Fund. According to Romanowski, Morawiecki is responsible for this state of affairs. In the recordings published by the editorial staff of the Polish Television program, he says that the Prime Minister wants to become the “leader of the false right.” – Just like his daddy, the Russian agent. And he? I don't know which one, German, or both, he was supposed to say.

There was also the issue of a rocket found near Bydgoszcz. – Do you think it's a coincidence that Boris (…) is still in his position? After all, the biggest jams are there. Have you seen anyone who attacked Morawiecki seriously summoned by the commission? – can be heard in the recording revealed in the “7.30 p.m.” program. The former deputy minister points out that the attacks on the SF are “thick”. He believes that the president of the Supreme Audit Office, Marian Banaś, is also behind them. As he assessed, he and Morawiecki were “one clique”.

The former deputy minister also talks about a possible trial regarding the FS, for which “we need to be prepared.” – I am preparing such material, something collected, on how to behave when someone calls at six in the morning or is called for interrogation. You know, not only for us, but for people in general, right? – he was supposed to say. He stated that all this is “part of the struggle for power on the right,” and Morawiecki allegedly “uses various tools.” – They're opening the prosecutor's office to maintain that they'll find something there. They are convinced that we did who knows what things there.

Mraz: Most competitions were conducted in an unreliable manner

Let us recall – last week, during a meeting of the parliamentary team for settlements of Law and Justice, Mraz described how the Justice Fund was to operate at the time when former minister Zbigniew Ziobro was the head of the Ministry of Justice. The fund was intended to help crime victims and rehabilitated prisoners who are free. The Supreme Audit Office revealed a number of irregularities regarding the Fund, pointing to “a blatant conflict of interest and corruption mechanisms.”

– From what I know, most of the competitions announced by the Justice Fund were announced and conducted in an unreliable manner – he said. As he explained, “the preferred entities that ministers Ziobro and Romanowski cared about were informed about the terms of the competition before it was announced.” Then, these entities “received assistance in preparing the offer and thanks to this they won and received PLN 10 million each.”

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