The tourist did not want to pay for excess baggage on Ryanair. He decided to deal with the suitcase

The tourist did not want to pay for excess baggage on Ryanair.  He decided to deal with the suitcase

The passenger decided to take a brave step when his suitcase turned out to be too large. The man reduced it by a few centimeters in a few moments.

Excess baggage can be a real nightmare for travelers. Especially in low-cost airlines, where the limits introduced by carriers are really high. One of the Ryanair passengers became furious when the employees of the low-budget airline asked him to pay an additional EUR 70. The man took matters into his own hands, for which he received loud applause from other travelers.

Too much luggage on Ryanair

While queuing at the plane gate, travelers glance nervously at the Ryanair baskets used to measure hand luggage. If a suitcase or backpack does not fit in the designated space, the airline may charge the customer an oversize baggage fee. In the case of the lowest flight price, its dimensions are only 40 x 20 x 25 cm. If we purchase the priority boarding option, which allows us to take two pieces of luggage on board, we can take another 10 kilograms with dimensions not exceeding 55 x 40 x 20 cm. Ryanair employees track down passengers whose luggage appears to be larger than allowed. However, travelers have their own ways to avoid the required surcharge. Not all ideas for avoiding punishment are good. If we decide to fly without a heavy suitcase and leave it unattended at the airport, we may face unpleasant consequences.

The passenger cheated the system

A Ryanair customer who recently traveled from Majorca to mainland Spain had no intention of paying extra EUR 70 after the staff found his luggage to be too large. Such a short flight wasn't worth losing the extra money. The damaged suitcase turned out to be less expensive for the tourist. With a few deft movements, the man tore off the rings, which made her a few centimeters smaller. Other passengers watched the action with interest and applauded loudly after another attempt to measure their luggage. The suitcase fit like a glove this time, although it won't necessarily be suitable for future travel.

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