A Polish athlete is harassed. She finally opened up

A Polish athlete is harassed.  She finally opened up

Kryscina Cimanouska some time ago fled from Belarus to Poland, where she obtained citizenship and the right to represent our country. Unfortunately, despite this, she is still harassed. The athlete told what she is going through now.

Kryscina Cimanouska is of Belarusian origin, but currently represents our country. The athlete openly criticized the regime of Alexander Lukashenko, which is why she had to flee during the Games in Tokyo. Although the national authorities even sent special people to ensure her return to Belarus, the athlete managed to get out of trouble. This is how she came to Poland, where she later obtained citizenship.

A shocking confession from an athlete

Now Cimanouska plays in the red and white colors and is preparing for the Olympic Games. In the last meeting in Dessau she took fourth place with a result of 11.44. This does not satisfy the athlete who can do much more.

Unfortunately, the past still makes itself felt, which means that the athlete cannot concentrate 100%. on running. In a shocking confession, Cimanouska revealed how difficult it was for her.

“It's hard to prepare for running and competitions when people come to your family's house the day before, it's hard to prepare when there's a criminal case against you in your home country, it's hard when you don't know what will happen to your family tomorrow,” we read.

However, Kryscina Cimanouska does not give up

In an interview with Interia, Cimanouska revealed a little more about what is happening in her country. – People from the investigative committee came to search my parents. I can't say anything more. The parents signed confidentiality documents and do not contact me, she said.

However, this does not discourage the athlete who announced she will fight on the track for the best results. “I'm preparing for my next start and I still believe in myself in the 200 m,” she wrote on Instagram.

Belarusian propaganda fuels hate towards the athlete

After leaving for Poland, the athlete has to deal with hate fueled by Belarusian propaganda. Cimanouska mentioned in an interview for Wełości that she had heard that she was “abnormal” or accused of various shameful acts.

– I told my mother not to pay attention to what people say. They only know my story from TV, and they said I should go to a psychiatric hospital. It's strange that previously, as a mentally ill person, I went to the Olympics as a representative of Belarus. Apparently they didn't examine me then, she said ironically

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