The topic of windmills returns. The distance law will be passed this half-year

The new government will take care of "windmills". 200 meters is "crucial"

By mid-year, a project to change the so-called Distance Act. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Miłosz Motyka.

Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Miłosz Motyka announced in an interview with the Polish Press Agency that by mid-year a “comprehensively consulted project to change the so-called Distance Act”.

Distance Act. There is agreement about 500 m

The deputy head of the Ministry of Climate and Environment revealed that there is agreement on 500 m as the minimum distance of wind turbines from buildings. – I estimate that we already have agreement on the minimum distance that should be included in the project and it is 500 m, without noise standards – said Motyka.

In a recent interview for Radio Zet, the Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment emphasized that “without noise standards, according to technological research and analyses, this distance guarantees appropriate peace and quiet from buildings.”

Motyka noted that the minimum distance from forms of nature protection, such as national parks, reserves and Natura 2000 areas, should also be discussed. – There are voices from the public that this distance should be greater. There is also the so-called the Birds Directive, which we will also take into account – explained the deputy minister.

The politician emphasized that “after consultations and determining the final form of the project, we will be able to guarantee that no one will submit any amendments that would turn it upside down”, and if it is sent by the Council of Ministers to the Sejm, it will be adopted without any parliamentary ” “throw in”. Motyka also declared that if rational proposals appear at the final stage of the legislative process, they will be taken into account.

At the beginning of last year, the then government submitted to the Sejm a draft amendment to the distance act, which in principle maintains the so-called rule 10H when determining the minimum distance of wind turbines from buildings, but allowing its reduction to 500 m under certain conditions. During the work of the Parliamentary Energy Committee, 500 m was changed to 700 m by an amendment and the act entered into force in this form.

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