Sikorski recalled PiS's promise. “There were supposed to be big plans, but there is stubble”

Sikorski recalled PiS's promise.  "There were supposed to be big plans, but there is stubble"

Radosław Sikorski published a video on the X platform. He spoke in the context of the rapidly approaching local elections in April 2024. The Minister of Foreign Affairs attacked the previous government.

Sikorski started with a factory that was to be built in Jaworzno, from which one million Izera electric cars were to be put on Polish roads. Let us remind you: ElectroMobility Poland is a company established in 2016 on the initiative of four state-owned energy companies: Energa, Enea, Tauron and PGE. The company's most important plans are those related to the construction of the facility.

Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: They cut down 300 hectares of forest and burned half a billion zlotys

The plans assumed that serial production of cars would begin in the third quarter of 2023. – I'm in Jaworzno (Silesian Voivodeship), they cut down 300 hectares of forest, burned half a billion zlotys, and the investment hasn't even started. If the money from KPO is to create something different here, we must choose good hosts in the local elections, emphasizes the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the press conference, Sikorski was asked whether he saw any sense in building a factory in such a place, which would ultimately provide jobs for thousands of people. – It's my first time here and I'm shocked, but we have Law and Justice in a nutshell here. Big plans with pompousness, megalomania, demagogy, propaganda, a million cars, and we have a forest that has been cut down where people used to just go out to pick mushrooms. (Donald) Tusk has arranged tens of billions of euros from the KPO (the European Commission at the end of February unlocked EUR 137 billion – over PLN 585.5 billion – ed.), now we need good hosts to find another, real investment for this area. We will strive for this – he emphasized, quoted by dlaCiebietv television.

Local elections 2024 in Jaworzno. Here are the candidates for the mayor of the city

Sikorski also visited Chorzów on Friday, where he supported Andrzej Kotala, who is running for re-election as the city's president. It is worth adding that in Jaworzno, four candidates ran in the local government elections for the mayor of the city – Adam Siński from Przyjazne Jaworzno, Jan Silbert from the Jaworzno Moje Miasto committee (current president), Dariusz Kozakiewicz from Pospolite Rusze and Michał Kirker from Kowalicja Obywatelska.

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