Can I change the date of my trip to the sanatorium? Several conditions must be met

Can I change the date of my trip to the sanatorium?  Several conditions must be met

Does the inability to go to a sanatorium on the scheduled date always mean a “lost chance” for spa treatment? We explain what conditions must be met to change the date of your trip to the sanatorium.

Trips to a sanatorium are often an important part of treatment for people with various diseases. During their stay in the sanatorium, patients have the opportunity to take advantage of various rehabilitation treatments, such as therapeutic baths, massages and many others. It is not only time for physical regeneration, but also to improve your well-being, because the atmosphere of the sanatorium favors rest and relaxation. Rehabilitation programs in sanatoriums are individually tailored to the patient's needs, which allows for effective therapy and improvement of health. No wonder patients are impatiently waiting for the scheduled date. However, it sometimes happens that some of them have an important life issue that prevents them from going to spa treatment.

Can I change the date of my trip to the sanatorium?

Many people are certainly wondering whether it is possible to change the date of their trip to the sanatorium. Turns out it is, though the patient must complete the appropriate formalities in advance. They involve submitting a resignation from the trip and attaching a request to postpone the date.

Several conditions must be met – the confirmed referral must be returned to the National Health Fund branch as soon as possible. Such a person must also attach a written justification, specifying the reasons that prevent the patient from fulfilling the referral within the prescribed period. The patient must also attach documents that will authenticate this fact. This set of documents must be delivered to the National Health Fund before the start date of the stay. The National Health Fund branch will verify the patient's explanations and, if they find them credible, will set a new date for the stay in the sanatorium.

Justification for the request to postpone the date of departure to the sanatorium

Due to the fact that, for example, there is no list of circumstances that would be a sufficient reason to resign from going to a sanatorium, it is worth ensure appropriate argumentation. Please also remember that the lack of such a credible justification with attached documentation confirming this fact will result in the return of the referral being treated as a resignation from spa treatment. The patient will be able to apply for another such trip only after submitting a new referral. It is important, however, that after resigning from sanatorium treatment, there is no grace period for submitting a new referral – the doctor can issue it immediately. Be sure to also check how to speed up your trip to the sanatorium. Moreover, not everyone knows about it, but sanatorium co-financing can be obtained not only from the National Health Fund.

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