The president of Płock reacts to the Clout MMA scandal. Strong stance

The president of Płock reacts to the Clout MMA scandal.  Strong stance

The president of Płock, Andrzej Nowakowski, reacted to the scandal surrounding the organization of the Clout MMA 2 gala at the Orlen Arena. Wioletta Kulpa, councilor of the city of Płock, also commented on the matter. Both positions are different from each other.

The Clout MMA 2 gala will feature a lot of characters whose pasts did not belong exclusively to sports, and in some cases even none at all. The best example is the most recent announced fight, i.e. the one in which Gosia Magical will face Nikita. The press office of Orlen, which is the title sponsor of the hall where the event will take place, has already commented on the matter. Now the president of Płock spoke.

City councilor of Płock regarding Clout MMA: Values ​​should be promoted with public money

Gosia Magical, real name Małgorzata Zwierzyńska, is a 50-year-old woman who is known mainly for being the mother of the popular streamer Daniel Magical. She struggles with alcohol problems, which most people who know her past know. Interestingly, her opponent will be Nikita (Nikola Biela), a 19-year-old… ex-girlfriend of the above-mentioned Daniel Magical. It turns out that this is a duel between a would-be mother-in-law and a future daughter-in-law.

The case became so famous that well-known people from the political environment commented on it. Wioletta Kulpa, the chairwoman of the PiS club of Płock city councilors, spoke.

– Values ​​that are well received in the context of social reception should be promoted using public money. I am thinking here about values ​​that absolutely do not promote violence, blasphemy, or interfere with religious values. The Clout MMA gala is to be held on Saturday at the ORLEN Arena in Płock, and during this event there is physical violence, aggression, insults, as well as promotion of perpetrators of violence or crimes – we read on She also called on the city to analyze to whom sports facilities are rented.

The President of Płock spoke about the organization of Clout MMA 2

The head of the city of Płock, Andrzej Nowakowski, emphasized that what the councilor said had nothing to do with culture, but he did not want to comment on this issue.

– I understand that an event is to take place on Saturday at the ORLEN Arena. Indeed, the company signed an agreement with the municipal company, MOSiR, to rent the ORLEN Arena. This is a normally functioning company. Today I will not comment on what will happen on Saturday. The organizers take responsibility for this and I hope that such scandalous scenes will not occur. Bringing up this topic at this point has no connection with what we are talking about during the session, said the president of Płock.

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