Mandates are not everything. This is how the City Guard wants to get rid of the fake “teddy bear” from Krupówki

Mandates are not everything.  This is how the City Guard wants to get rid of the fake "teddy bear" from Krupówki

The Zakopane City Guard has an idea on how to deal with a man who is dressed as a teddy bear and demands payment for a group photo on Krupówki.

Recently, thanks to Hanna Turnau's recording, there has been a lot of talk about a man who, dressed as a teddy bear, extorts fees for a group photo or recording on Krupówki.

The actress known from “M jak miłość” wanted to record a calling card for a casting on the famous street in Zakopane. At one point, a man dressed as a white teddy bear appeared in the frame and demanded payment from the actress for filming.

– No matter if you're recording or whatever. We are standing here, if you want to join us, then please: pay us! – he said.

The City Guard issues fines to the “teddy bear” from Krupówki. He wants to move on

Recently, the city guard fined as many as 11 people in disguise. The man does not have a permanent place of residence, so the guards issue him cash tickets. It turns out that the “nickname” has no problem with it and pays for it. However, catching him red-handed, i.e. extorting a fee from walkers, is not easy.

– City guards in uniform are visible from a distance. When the bear sees them, it removes itself from the space it occupies, hiding in various places. The officers do not see this teddy bear at the moment – Marek Trzaskoś from the Zakopane city guard told RMF FM. He added that more serious steps are planned. A man dressing up as a teddy bear may end up in court.

– The teddy bear will be detained. During the arrest, with the help of the police, the teddy bear will be stripped of its fur, which will be confiscated in favor of the application and punishment, Trzaskoś revealed.

Which teddy bear from Zakopane is real?

Hannau Turnau, in response to the popular recording, refuted the hate against her hometown and explained that the man from the recording was not a “real” teddy bear – the highlander Marek Zawadzki. In an interview with WP, Agata Pacelt-Mikler from the Zakopane City Hall noted that “the only teddy bear that has a permit for such activities is the one at the Water Pond. He has permission to occupy the road, runs a registered business and has a positive opinion from the Cultural Park Management Team.

–This man is a huge embarrassment to us, the highlanders. I am very sorry about this – said Marek Zawadzki about the “cross-dresser” in an interview with “Gazeta Krakowska”.

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