Anna Dereszowska and NAOKO – fashion designed with AI

Anna Dereszowska and NAOKO – fashion designed with AI

The NAOKO.AI project is a revolution on the Polish fashion market. Anna Dereszowska took part in designing the collection, cooperating with the Polish brand NAOKO for the second time: “It is a manifestation of synergy between artificial intelligence, my individual style and the voice of the fashion community. The future of fashion is happening now and I am very happy to be part of this unique history,” says Anna Dereszowska.

The latest edition of the collection created by Polish actress Anna Dereszowska is the result of a unique cooperation with the NAOKO brand. It is not just a clothing line, but a true reflection of the needs of the brand’s customers. This time, thanks to the use of the latest AI technology, Anna Dereszowska made personal choices, combining her artistic sensitivity with the vision of the NAOKO brand, becoming part of the innovative NAOKO.AI project. In their latest collection, Anna Dereszowska and NAOKO focus on exploring the potential of advanced technologies, thus opening the door to the future of fashion.

Artificial intelligence helps to understand the customer

“The NAOKO.AI project creates unlimited possibilities for our clients. Their visions and preferences are central, and AI helps turn them into reality. It is also an opportunity to get to know and understand the tastes of our customers even better.” – says the founder of the NAOKO brand, Monika Szyndler.

Collaborative creation process

The ANNA DERESZOWSKA x NAOKO collection is not only the implementation of the vision of the actress herself, but above all a response to the needs of the brand community, NAOKOGIRLS, which had the opportunity to actively participate in the creation process. Thanks to a specially developed survey that allowed the NAOKO community to express their opinions and needs, a perfect line was created for the upcoming autumn season. The uniqueness of the collection lies in the combination of the individual style of the Polish actress from the bottom of the NAOKO brand.

ANNA DERESZOWSKA x NAOKO is available in stationary boutiques and on the website

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