The Polish millionaire brought in Jeremy Sochan for the advertisement. He previously worked with Tyson

The Polish millionaire brought in Jeremy Sochan for the advertisement.  He previously worked with Tyson

The Małopolska FoodCare group signed an agreement with Jeremy Sochan. The basketball player became the ambassador of the 4MOVE isotonic drinks brand. The person behind the cooperation is Wiesław Włodarski, one of the richest Poles, who has often used sports stars to advertise his products.

The image of Sochan – an American NBA basketball player with Polish roots – is to appear on 4MOVE drink bottles. The athlete is also to be the main face of the 360 ​​campaign, which will be shown in Poland and abroad. Its details are not yet known, but the campaign slogan is: “Now it’s your move” – ​​editor.

Who is Wiesław Włodarski

The manufacturer of isotonic drinks is FoodCare, based in Zabierzów near Krakow. The majority of shares are controlled by Wiesław Włodarski, who has been on the Wprost List of the 100 Richest Poles for years.

It sells food worth over half a billion zlotys annually. In addition to 4MOVE, his group’s portfolio includes such well-known brands as Frugo, Gellwe, Black, Ostromecko, Fitella and N-Gine.

Włodarski started in business at the age of 19. He bought an ice cream machine and founded his own cafe in Alwernia near Krakow, where he comes from. His first serious business was Gellwe, today a well-known manufacturer of desserts and baking ingredients.

Włodarski has been known for years for using sports stars to advertise his products. Mike Tyson, Jose Mourinho, Adam Nawałka, Jerzy Dudek, Robert Kubica and Łukasz Podolski have already cooperated with Foodcare.

– Foodcare has been cooperating with the best athletes since the beginning of its existence. The choice of Jeremy as our ambassador was quite natural. It is authentic, open and fits 4MOVE perfectly – he explained the decision to engage another athlete in his campaign.

Tyson on the Warsaw Uprising

Włodarski is also known for his unconventional approach to advertising. 5 years ago, he involved Mike Tyson in one of such unusual ideas.

In July 2018, a large material about the Warsaw Uprising was published in the main spine of the Saturday edition of the New York Times.

“Mankind will remember August 1, 1944 as the day on which one of the most heroic acts of courage in the fight for freedom against evil in its purest form was performed.”

– written in the material in capital letters.

From the text, the American reader learns what the Warsaw Uprising was, who led it, how it took place and how many victims it claimed.

About the fact that during the uprising on the other side of the Vistula, Russians were idly watching the fighting and about the fact that after the uprising 95% of Warsaw was destroyed by the Nazis.

A note under the material states that the article was sponsored by Wiesław Włodarski. At that time, the founder of FoodCare was bringing his products overseas and in this way he wanted not only to bring a piece of Polish history closer to Americans, but also to advertise his company to them.

A day after the text was published in the New York Times, a video with Mike Tyson appeared on the Internet. The legendary boxer appeared in Polish commercials for Black energy drinks produced by Włodarski.

He talked to the camera about the Warsaw Uprising. Wearing a T-shirt with the Black logo and a white and red armband with the letters AK on his left arm, he said:

“I am a world-famous former undisputed heavyweight champion, but for me the real champions are these brave Polish heroes. They fought for freedom against the persecuting and brutal forces of evil. Tragically, after maintaining the uprising for an incredible 63 days, Nazi Germany razed Poland’s capital, Warsaw, to the face of the earth.

In an interview for “Wprost”, Włodarski explained the idea for the campaign this way: “The strength of my company gave me money and success. I am proud that I could use them in a way that promoted my homeland. Poland is the country I call home. The place I love most in the world, so it was completely natural that I use my company as a platform to promote Polish history and values ​​and educate the world about it.”

Will Sochan be the next American, after Mike Tyson, to start talking about Polish history in the United States? Knowing Włodarski’s passion for the fate of his own country, this is very possible.

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