Don’t sleep with your phone charging. Apple warns users

Don't sleep with your phone charging.  Apple warns users

Apple is warning users against plugging their phones in to charge before bed. This popular practice may end unpleasantly and even dangerously, warns the well-known company. What is it about?

Apple is reminding users that they should not charge their phones in bed, especially not right before going to bed. Although the instructions apply to products of an American company, this warning is useful regardless of the brand of our smartphone.

Apple: Don’t plug in your phone in bed

The corporation has updated the manuals of its equipment with additional recommendations. These concern charging devices such as iPhones, and more specifically, leaving them in our beds for long periods of time.

The company advises to use “common sense” and avoid situations where the charging equipment, charger components or the mobile device charging adapter itself touch our skin for a long time.

Particular attention is paid to such popular situations as placing a connected iPhone under a pillow, duvet or on the body. Situations when we are actively charging the equipment and just going to bed are said to be particularly dangerous. While sleeping, we can also lie in a position where we lie directly on the device.

Don’t leave your phone plugged in at night – iPhone may pose a health hazard

Why does the company consider this a significant threat? As we know, all equipment heats up during charging and can even reach significant temperatures. The iPhone and other Apple devices are also made mainly of metal and glass – especially the former material predicts heat quite well.

Moreover, any minor faults, such as dropping the device on the ground, may cause the equipment to heat up slightly more than a new one. If we “pre-heat” the equipment by putting a pillow or duvet on it, the temperatures may rise even more.

In extreme cases, touching a hot phone for a long time can cause discomfort or even burns. Not to mention the fact that frequently charging your phone overnight can shorten its lifespan.

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