There is no reduced tariff for Poles. Meaningful scenes with Nikola Grbic

There is no reduced tariff for Poles.  Meaningful scenes with Nikola Grbic

Poland started this year's edition of the Nations League with two victories. Nikola Grbic showed again how much he cares about winning in every match.

This year's national team season has aroused a lot of emotions among fans from the very beginning. All because everyone is impatiently waiting for the Olympic Games, the most important sports event of the last four years. However, there is also something to play for before the Olympics, as the Poles are fighting to maintain their leading position in the FIVB ranking and defend the trophy in the Nations League. Before the start of the competition, the Polish team lost a sparring match with Germany 1:3 and defeated Ukraine 4:0 (an additional set was played). It was already clear that the coach wanted to win literally every match.

Nikola Grbic was going crazy on the touchline

After the unsuccessful friendly match against Germany, the Serb briefly said that the result was important to him, regardless of the importance of the match. In theory, friendly matches or even Nations League matches could take a backseat, but such thoughts do not exist in the head of the Polish national team coach.

– The result of the match is always important to me. However, it depends on how we play. When we do it wrong, we lose, especially in duels against rivals such as Germany, Grbic emphasized last week, right after the friendly match against Germany.

Already then, the Serb reacted emotionally to events on the pitch, and the same could be seen during the last match against Canada. In the first set, the white and red team made as many as 10 mistakes, and their rivals won 25:18. Grbic was exhausted, and at times he rubbed his eyes with amazement when he saw what was happening on the dance floor. Later, the Poles switched to fifth gear and finally won the entire match 3:1.

No reduced fare from Grbic

The Serb taught Polish volleyball players that they should fight hard for victory in every match. There are no concessions and players can receive a solid reprimand even during lower-ranking matches. Perhaps this is a certain way of preparing for what is most important this season, i.e. the Olympic Games.

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