The police cannot find Daniel Obajtek. And on Sunday they took part in the same picnic with him

The police cannot find Daniel Obajtek.  And on Sunday they took part in the same picnic with him

The police will look for Daniel Obajtek to serve him a summons to appear as a witness at the hearing of the Sejm commission of inquiry into the visa scandal. At the same time, the PiS candidate for the European Parliament is conducting an election campaign in Podkarpacie

On Monday, former president of Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, announced that he would not appear at tomorrow's hearing as a witness before the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the visa scandal. Obajtek, who is running in the European Parliament elections on the Law and Justice list, argued during an election picnic in Podkarpacie that “calling him as a witness is nothing more than a political stunt by Michał Szczerba, who is probably not going well with the campaign and wants to add a few points.”

The police cannot find Obajtek. This is a condition for him to appear at the investigative commission

“I will not be a monkey in Michał Szczerba's circus. You won't make a campaign against me, which is hopeless in the KO version anyway. – he wrote on the X website. He also announced that he would appear at the hearing if he was properly summoned. According to the regulations, the witness must receive the summons in person.

Earlier, the head of the commission, Michał Szczerba, announced that there were serious problems with serving the former president of Orlen with a summons because he did not receive the summons sent to seven addresses established by the commission, as well as the prosecutor's office and the CBA.

As Onet found out, the police from Myślenice tried to serve the summons to Obajtek. — The police first went to one address, but Obajtek was not there. Then the prosecutor's office suggested checking one more person, but they didn't find anyone either. It was rather a standard procedure, no one was planning any spectacular action here, an officer of the Myślenice police told the portal.

Obajtek took part in the same picnic as the police

After the election picnic, the Podkarpacie police also joined the search for Obajtek.

— As part of legal assistance, the Provincial Police Headquarters in Rzeszów received a request from the Myślenice police station to serve a summons. Podkarpackie police officers will carry out statutory tasks in this regard, comm. Ewelina Wrona from the Podkarpackie police press office told Onet.

Interestingly, on Sunday Daniel Obajtek visited an election picnic in Leszczawa Dolna in the Bircza commune. And as Onet journalists noticed in the photos from this place published by Marek Kuchciński, the Podkarpacie police also took part in the picnic, setting up their own stand.

— Police officers often participate in this type of events as part of preventive and educational activities, the spokeswoman for the Przemyśl police, Asst., told Onet. Joanna Golisz.

The journalists also asked “whether the officers were aware that Daniel Obajtek was also present at the picnic, whether the police were aware that their colleagues from Małopolska had been trying to determine the whereabouts of Daniel Obajtek for several days and whether there was a flow of information on this subject between the provincial commands, and if they noticed the former head of Orlen at a picnic, who did they notify about this fact?

The Ombudsman asked to ask these questions in writing and has not responded so far. However, unofficially, Onet journalists found that the request for support in the search for Daniel Obajtek may not have yet arrived in Podkarpacie on Sunday.

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