Funds for Safe Credit 2%. exhausted. The Ministry announces a new program

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The government has secured funds in the draft budget for 2024 to help Poles buy their first apartment or house. Safe loan 2 percent in the current formula, will be replaced by another offer beneficial to borrowers – informed the Ministry of Development and Technology. Details are to be known in early 2024.

– Due to the exhaustion of the statutory total limit for 2023 and 2024 for subsidies to a safe loan of 2%, the Ministry of Development and Technology is conducting intensive work on a new formula for supporting borrowers – informs the Ministry of Development and Technology in a press release.

Funds for Safe Credit 2%. exhausted

The ministry emphasizes that its goal is to make “the new instrument, on the one hand, more attractive for people with lower incomes and larger families, and on the other hand, to limit its abuse by people whose high earnings allow them to obtain a loan in a regular market offer.” Another important assumption is “less pressure on the housing market and the associated impact on price increases, as well as precisely targeted state aid.”

The Ministry reminds that the statutory limits on expenditure on subsidies to the Safe Loan are 2%. they assumed that support in 2023-2024 could cover approximately 50,000. credits. Meanwhile, 55.8 thousand have been signed so far. credit agreements (as of December 21 this year).

– This means that the total funds for a safe 2% loan for 2023-2024 have been exhausted and at the beginning of the new year it is necessary to stop accepting new applications by banks participating in the program – emphasizes the Ministry of Development and Technology, adding that all applications submitted by the end of this year will be considered.

Details of the new support formula for borrowers are to be presented at the beginning of next year. – Due to the great interest in the support program for borrowers, we want the legislative process to proceed as quickly as possible, while maintaining all its necessary elements (e.g. public consultations). The new formula of the program will be presented at the beginning of 2024, immediately after the completion of work on the project – we read in the ministry’s announcement.

Half a year of Safe Credit 2%.

Let us remind you that the Safe Credit 2% program was launched in early July.

Persons who are under 45 years of age on the date of submitting the loan application may apply for a loan with a subsidy, however, in the case of persons running a household together, it is sufficient that one of them is under this age (provided that both of them are parties to this loan agreement). ). A person taking out a housing loan and persons belonging to his or her household will not be able to have ownership rights to a residential premises or a single-family house before the date of its granting.

A loan with subsidized installments can be granted in a maximum amount of PLN 600,000. PLN in the case of borrowers who run the farm together with their spouse or when the borrower’s household includes at least one child, in other cases – up to a maximum of PLN 500,000. zloty. A loan with subsidized installments may be granted without the borrower’s own contribution or with an own contribution not exceeding PLN 200,000. zloty.

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