Krzysztof Jurgiel speaks out after the decision of the PiS authorities. Waiting for reasons

Krzysztof Jurgiel speaks out after the decision of the PiS authorities.  Waiting for reasons

First, he was not included on the list for the European Parliament, now he was suspended as a party member by Jarosław Kaczyński himself. Krzysztof Jurgiel comments on the authorities' decision.

He was the president of Białystok, ran the Ministry of Agriculture twice, served as an MP for six terms, as a senator for one term, and spent his last years in Brussels. Despite this, Jarosław Kaczyński decided to suspend Krzysztof Jurgiel as a member of Law and Justice.

Unofficial reasons for Jarosław Kaczyński's decision

The decision was announced by party spokesman Rafał Bochenek and although he did not provide any arguments, it is known that it was made by the president himself and that it is immediate.

Unofficially, it is said that it was influenced by PiS's problems in Podlasie. Onet claims that Jurgiel's suspension is “a consequence of the volte-face of two provincial councilors elected from PiS lists, who, in exchange for positions on the Podlaskie Voivodeship board, switched to the KO-Trzecia Droga coalition.”

The councilors' movement led to the loss of power in the region, and Jurgiel was supposed to “stick with them”. Journalists even hear from one of the party's politicians that people associated with Jurgiel will be offered to remain in provincial positions despite the change of government. – This is not a coincidence – the activist tells Onet.

Krzysztof Jurgiel spoke out after his suspension

Jurgiel is quite cautious when commenting on the case. TVN24 journalists managed to reach him only a day after the party's decision. He informed that he had not received official information yet. – I have read what the spokesman wrote. I don't know the reason, so I won't comment until I find out. Then I will be happy to hold a press conference and respond, said the politician.

Maciej Wąsik instead of Krzysztof Jurgiel

Kaczyński's decision is shocking because until recently Jurgiel was considered his close collaborator. A visible split occurred only when building the electoral lists for the European Parliament. Jurgiel did not receive a chance to fight for re-election from the party authorities.

Instead of Jurgiel, Maciej Wąsik, who until now usually ran from Warsaw or Płock, will open the list for the Podlasie and Warmian-Masurian Voivodeships in this year's elections. Following him on the list were, among others: Karol Karski, Adam Andruszkiewicz and Iwona Arent.

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