Massive Russian attack on Kiev and Kharkov. Fatalities, nearly 100 injured

Massive Russian attack on Kiev and Kharkov.  Fatalities, nearly 100 injured

The President of Ukraine expressed condolences to the relatives of the victims of the Russian attack on Ukraine. As a result of the last impact, four people died and 92 were injured.

On Tuesday, January 2, Russia launched a large-scale missile attack on Ukraine in the early morning hours. The targets were Kiev, Kiev Oblast and Kharkiv.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said that as a result of another Russian attack on Ukraine, four people were killed and 92 were injured.

– January 2, 2024. Another attack by Russian savages. Almost a hundred bullets of various types. At least 70 rockets were shot down. Almost 60 of them were intercepted in the Kiev region. There were also serious attacks on Kharkov, Zelensky reported.

Attacks on Kyiv and Kharkov on January 2

The Ukrainian president also reported on the consequences of the morning attacks.

– We are currently eliminating the effects of another Russian attack. All necessary services are involved. More than 500 rescuers of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations, public utility companies, energy workers, police. Kyiv and the region, Kharkov. So far, 92 people have been injured. Everyone is helped. Unfortunately, four people died. I express my condolences to their families and friends, said the Ukrainian leader.

In the capital of Ukraine, 27 people were taken to hospitals after a fire broke out in a multi-story building. An elderly woman reportedly died in an ambulance.

Vladimir Putin announced a strike on “sensitive military targets” in Ukraine on New Year’s Day. Russia has consistently denied Western and Ukrainian accusations that it is attacking civilian infrastructure. Previously, the aggressor carried out a massive air attack on Ukraine on December 29. The result was the death of 40 people and over 160 people were injured.

Ukrainian officials have warned that Russia will likely step up its attacks on Ukrainian cities and infrastructure over the winter, repeating its strategy from last year.

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