The passengers experienced moments of horror. The plane veered off the runway while landing

The passengers experienced moments of horror.  The plane veered off the runway while landing

A dangerous incident occurred at the Vilnius airport. During landing, the plane veered off the runway and onto the grass. Fortunately, after a while he got back on the right track.

An Airbus A320 belonging to Avion Express temporarily skidded off the runway in Vilnius. The incident occurred while the vehicle was landing in the Lithuanian capital. The machine was carrying 185 passengers from Milan. Fortunately, the plane returned to its path and no one was hurt.

The plane went off the runway

The incident related to the charter flight from Milan occurred on February 3. An Airbus 320 of Lithuanian Airlines veered off the runway while landing at Vilnius airport and hit the grass. After a while, he managed to re-enter it and safely taxied to the gate.

The event was recorded. It shows the vehicle leaving the lane straight into the grass, but after a while it returns to the right track. After the incident, he was covered in mud.

Dangerous incident at the airport in Vilnius

Runway excursions can occur due to pilot error, environmental factors, and runway conditions. Unstable approaches and unfavorable weather conditions can contribute to such incidents.

The Airbus 320 operated by Lithuanian charter airline Avion Express was carrying 185 passengers plus crew members during the incident, but no one was injured.

The aircraft, registered as LY-NVL, reportedly sustained some damage in the accident and remains grounded at the airport. The vehicle flew from Milan Bergamo Airport in Italy to Vilnius, where it landed at around 2:20 p.m. local time.

The video shows the A320 leaving the runway and onto the lawn. However, he didn’t stop here. Instead, it returned to the runway and then headed toward the taxi area.

Data from Flightrader24 suggests the crash occurred near the center of the runway. Tracking data shows the aircraft moving away from the centerline onto the grass, crossing the taxiway and ultimately returning to the runway just before departure.

It is not often that a plane that has been involved in an accident makes it back to the runway. Last month, an Ethiopian Airlines Dash 8 aircraft veered off the runway while landing, causing the landing gear to collapse, leaving the plane grounded at the scene. In the case of the Avion Express A320, the excursion did not cause significant damage to the aircraft system, which allowed the aircraft to taxi independently.

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