Speedway returns to TVP. The director talks about the reasons for this decision

Speedway returns to TVP.  The director talks about the reasons for this decision

Speedway is one of the most popular sports. It will soon appear on Polish Television again. The director of TVP Sport revealed to what extent.

Many years ago, TVP Sport was responsible for broadcasting the speedway Ekstraliga, the best league in the world in this sport. For some time, however, apart from individual broadcasts, we have not seen black sport on public television. Jakub Kwiatkowski, the new director of TVP Sport, admits that he wants this discipline to be featured on his station as often as possible.

TVP will show prestigious competitions

Speedway is very spectacular and many competitions are full of emotions, which is why fans enjoy watching it. When we add Bartosz Zmarzlik's dominance in the fight for the individual world championship, it even whets the appetite of sports fans to follow the competition.

– Speedway is a sport that is very fun to watch. However, the most important events are on Canal+. Despite everything, something is coming from the speedway. We are planning at least one broadcast soon – said Kwiatkowski in an interview with Mateusz Borek in “Kanał Sportowy”.

One broadcast that Kwiatkowski is talking about is probably the Aces Criterion, which will open the 2024 season. This is an event where world speedway stars will start at the start, headed by Bartosz Zmarzlik. There will also be, for example, Dominik Kubera and Maciej Janowski.

European Speedway Championships again on TVP

It is clear that Telewizja Polska wants as many broadcasts as possible, which is why it acquires the rights to show events that no one has “signed” yet. Therefore, TVP Sport will broadcast SEC, i.e. a series of rounds in the European Individual Championships.

The first SEC tournament will be held on June 6 in Debrecen, Hungary, the next one on July 20 in Grudziądz, the third on August 24 in Guestrow, Germany, and the decisive one at the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów on September 21 (7 p.m.). In the case of the last round, we will, of course, see the competitors racing on the temporary track.

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