He left an unusual “souvenir” on the Baltic Sea. The owners rubbed their eyes with amazement

He left an unusual "souvenir" on the Baltic Sea. The owners rubbed their eyes with amazement

An unusual sight was found in a hotel room by the owners of one of the guesthouses on the Baltic Sea. As it turns out, the ingenuity of tourists knows no bounds.

The holidays have begun in earnest. One of the most popular destinations for Polish tourists are seaside resorts on the Baltic Sea. Holidaymakers and residents of northern Poland are eager to enjoy the sunny weather and spend their time on the beaches in large numbers. Sometimes, during (or right after) their holidays, surprising events occur. The owners of the Biały Domek guesthouse in Dźwirzyno found out about this.

He left his wife’s “corpse” in a room by the Baltic Sea

When the hotel staff entered one of the rooms, they saw a figure wrapped in a white blanket on the bed. At first glance, one might think that a horrific crime had taken place on the premises of the guesthouse. As it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth. It was simply one of the tourists who wanted to thank the hosts in an unusual way for an exceptionally successful stay.

The alleged “corpse” was accompanied by an unusual card with a letter signed by Mr. Paweł from Wrocław. “My wife said it was so good that I would only take her out of here over her dead body!!! Unfortunately, she didn’t fit in the car,” the man wrote.

“When you rent a room to a joker”

The hotel owners treated the whole thing with humor. “When you rent a room to a joker and ask him for his opinion about his stay. P.S. Mr. Paweł, you made our day. We don’t mark, in case there are some among the parents of your students who don’t know about jokes,” they wrote on social media.

Internet users also did not hide their amusement at the whole situation. “Positive places attract positive people”; “it looks so realistic that just in case I would unpack and check if it was really just bedding”; “the wife was eternally grateful for this vacation” – wrote commentators under the guesthouse’s post posted online.

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