First Krzysztof, now Karolina. Another Polish porcelain factory went bankrupt

First Krzysztof, now Karolina.  Another Polish porcelain factory went bankrupt

High operating costs led to the collapse of another Polish porcelain manufacturer. The Karolina factory from Jaworzyna Śląska, boasting a 160-year tradition, may soon cease to exist. All production workers will be laid off. There is a big sale of the collection in the stationary store and e-shop.

In June 2023, the Krzysztof Porcelain Factory from Wałbrzych ceased operations. The Lower Silesian factory with a 200-year-old tradition fell victim to the increase in gas prices, which it consumed huge amounts of every day. The products of the brand, which survived two world wars and the change of political system, were liked not only by customers from Poland: tableware from Wałbrzych was also sold in stores in the USA and Scandinavia, and even found its way to royal courts in Sweden and Great Britain, as well as in the White House.

Bankruptcy of the Karolina Tableware Factory

Lower Silesia has a rich tradition of ceramics production. The most famous is Manufaktura Bolesławiec, whose products can be purchased in hundreds of retail outlets in the country and abroad. The Karolina brand from Jaworzyna Śląska also has a group of admirers. It was established in 1860, when Traugott Silber started producing porcelain products, including: coffee sets, vases, occasional plates and figurines. Silber’s products were distinguished by their original decorations (mainly gilding) and unusual shapes.

Soon, plates, cups and other tableware items with a woman’s name will be available only second-hand, because the company announced bankruptcy a few days ago. The management of the plant has been taken over by a trustee and it is not yet known whether the company will be sold as a whole, which is what the crew and the mayor of Jaworzyna Śląska hope for.

Problems in the company began a few years ago: already in 2014, a financial injection from the Industrial Development Agency was necessary. The management had to reduce employment, but the company continued to operate. In 2022, the owner changed – Karolina was purchased by HM Investment, which owns the Gerlach company (a well-known cutlery manufacturer).

The new owner was unable to cope with the operating costs. Although porcelain still sold well, rising production costs were killing profits. Laying off employees did not help: in November 2023, bankruptcy proceedings were initiated and collective layoffs were announced. 40 percent were to lose their jobs. crew, but ultimately the arrangements regarding the future of the company went in a very bad direction. A few days ago, trade unionists received an official letter about the collective dismissal of all employees of the “Karolina” porcelain factory. The Works Committee planned talks regarding financial conditions and deadlines.

Big sale of Karolina porcelain

Security, company store, warehouse and administration staff will continue to be employed for some time.

Meanwhile, Karolina is selling her products. The campaign called “Warehouse Airing” takes place in the stationary store in Jaworzyna Śląska and in the online store. Beautiful porcelain produced entirely in Poland can be purchased for up to 70%. cheaper. When the plant’s liquidation was announced, the interest in online shopping was so great that the servers couldn’t handle it and crashed several times. Proof that shopping can be stressful is the message the company posted on social media: “We also ask you to behave politely and ethically towards the employees of the Karolina factory store, who also make every effort to serve you efficiently. Patience in the queue is recommended. Let’s support Polish porcelain.

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