The “Japanese” can also go bad. In almost 13,000 cars in Poland may have a fault

The "Japanese" can also go bad.  In almost 13,000  cars in Poland may have a fault

Polish importers of Subaru and Toyota notified the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection about the possibility of defects in several of their models. On the Polish market, the repair campaign covers 2,080 Subaru and 10,894 Toyota.

Recently, we informed about a large repair action of cars from the Stellantis group, which concerns over 11,000 cars. cars registered in Poland. In Peugeots, Citroens, Opels and DSs, a fault has been detected that affects the emission of exhaust gases that do not comply with the standard. This time we provide information from UOKiK about an even larger service campaign, concerning almost 13 thousand. Japanese car brands. Not only can more cars have a problem, but it is also more serious because it concerns safety issues.

The problem can occur in almost 11 thousand. Toyota

In two Toyota van models (Proace City and Proace City BEV) manufactured in Spain from December 2, 2019 to June 30, 2022, the e-Call telematics device may not always function as required. There is a risk that in some Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) the automatic PSAP-to-vehicle callback function may not work. Consequently, there is a possibility that the PSAP will not be able to automatically reconnect to the vehicle if the initial connection has been terminated. According to UOKiK, 10,894 cars are covered by the repair campaign in Poland.

It is not necessary to visit the ASO

The Toyota importer has declared that the software of the e-call telematics device will be remotely updated via Over the Air (OTA). The telematics device will be replaced if necessary.

The parking brake may not work on your Subaru

In several Subaru models (Legacy 15-18MY, Outback 15-18MY, Levorg 15-18MY, WRX 15-18MY, Impreza 17-19MY, XV 17-19MY), it is possible to disconnect the EPB (Electric Park Brake) circuit ), which is electrically activated by a button that activates the brake calipers. The fault may result in the parking brake not being able to be applied or released.

Fewer cars, but a service visit is necessary

On the Polish market, the repair campaign covers 2,080 vehicles. Subaru Import Polska from Krakow declared that it would contact the owners of cars covered by the campaign and inform about the need to visit the workshop to check and secure the electrical connection of the actuator.

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