Three show apartments on the 50th floor of ZŁOTA 44 have been sold

Rafał Zaorski surprised investors with this entry.  “He smelled a real estate bubble?”

The iconic ZŁOTA 44 apartment building is an inseparable element of the Warsaw skyline, which fits into the city skyline thanks to its unique shape and impressive height for this type of buildings. A characteristic element of ZŁOTA 44 is the illuminated strip visible from the outside at the height of the 50th floor – here there are three show apartments that have found their buyers. Despite the sale transaction, the apartments still serve as showrooms. On the eastern side, in this part of the building, there is a spectacular 480 sq m space of apartment 504 available for sale.

The fiftieth floor of ZŁOTA 44 is a unique place. Such a high floor offers breathtaking views, dynamically changing from minute to minute. Three show apartments: Oxygen with an area of ​​almost 236 sq m, Reflections with an area of ​​140 sq m and the intimate 64 sq m Nature, occupying a total area of ​​approx. 440 sq m. The show apartments were arranged by Galeria Heban. Every detail has been taken care of here, allowing visitors to feel like they are in their own apartment and fully experience ZŁOTA 44.

The arrangement of the Oxygen apartment subtly combines modern textures and designer details with the rawness of concrete, steel and glass. It was designed by Muc & Scott Interiors. Noteworthy here are the luxurious furniture by Visionnaire, which perfectly fits the style of the interior. In the Oxygen apartment there is Daniel Libeskind’s office, equipped with furniture designed by him. The space of the Reflections apartment designed by Anna Koszela’s studio offers a view to the south and west, thanks to which soft light envelopes the interior for most of the day. The smallest show apartment is Nature – 63 sq m space arranged by Katarzyna Weremczuk from the Weremczuk Design studio. This is where calm naturalism meets expressive, sparkling glamour. Unique Italian furniture by Edra adds elegance. Works of art are the hallmark of top-class interiors. The collection of works by Polish artists was composed by Lena Szwed-Strużyńska, an art dealer and owner of Leonarda Art Gallery. On the 50th floor, some of the sculptures are exhibited by the Artutito Exquisite Art Gallery.

“The apartments on the 50th floor of ZŁOTA 44, despite their sale, still retain their show character” – says Katarzyna Goryszewska, Head of Sales at ZŁOTA 44. “For some time, there will be visits here by people interested in purchasing the remaining dozen or so apartments,” he adds.

On the 50th floor of ZŁOTA 44, the 480 sq m space of apartment 504 is still available.

More about ZŁOTA 44
The investors of the ZŁOTA 44 apartment building are an investment fund managed by AMSTAR, which acquires, develops and manages real estate on selected markets in Europe, the USA and other countries around the world, and BBI Development SA – a development company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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