People earn the most money no longer in Warsaw. The latest data from the Central Statistical Office are available

People earn the most money no longer in Warsaw.  The latest data from the Central Statistical Office are available

It is no longer Warsaw, but Kraków that leads the list of cities with the highest salaries. The average salary there is almost PLN 10,000. PLN gross – PLN 800 more than in the capital. The average salary for the entire country was PLN 7,379.88 in September.

How to earn money is in Kraków, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Katowice or Wrocław – data published by the Central Statistical Office shows that the highest earnings are earned there. The average salary in the former capital of Poland is PLN 9,648.37 gross, and in the current one – PLN 8,838.48, with Gdańsk in third place with a salary of PLN 8,715.93.

The lowest average salary was recorded in September in Kielce – PLN 6,097.82. Average earnings not exceeding PLN 7,000. PLN was also achieved by residents of Białystok, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Lublin, Olsztyn and Opole.

The average monthly salary in the enterprise sector in September 2023 across the country was PLN 7,379.88.

Higher salaries, but also more expensive apartments

The highest salaries go hand in hand with the highest real estate prices. Within a year, apartment prices in Krakow increased by 28%. In Katowice, prices went up by 23 percent, in the Tricity by 19 percent, in Warsaw by 18 percent, and in Poznań – by 13 percent. during the year. Apartments are becoming more expensive because there are too few of them, and this in turn results from the fact that over the last two years developers have been building less than they originally built. Today, some customers can use the “Safe 2% loan”. and they hope for lower monthly installments, but they pay more than a year ago and the average salary increase does not compensate for this. And this is not the culmination of the price increases.

Fewer building permits, fewer investments started

When interest rates began to rise in 2021, driving up loan costs, the group of people ready to buy an apartment shrank. Seeing this situation, developers had to put many investment plans – even those that were close to the “first shovel” – into their pockets and give up on construction, focusing at the same time on selling what was already ready. The result is easy to predict: fewer apartments appeared on the market in 2022 and 2023 than before.

Some data: from the beginning of January to the end of July 2022, permits were issued or construction notifications were made for 192.8 thousand. apartments, i.e. by 3.9 percent less than in the same period of 2021. Permits to build the largest number of apartments were granted to developers (131.5 thousand, an increase of 4.1 percent y/y) and individual investors (58.4 thousand, a decrease of 18.8 percent). The start of this year wasn’t much better. in February 2023, developers started working on the construction of almost 6.6 thousand meters. premises. That’s almost 42 percent. less than in the second month of 2022. In February, by over 38%. (compared to the previous year’s result), the number of building permits issued to developers also decreased. Only 10.7 thousand of them were issued. in February 2023.

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