Szczerba in shock after the inspection at PARP. “This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.”

Szczerba in shock after the inspection at PARP.  “This isn't how it's supposed to be.”

The parliamentary inspection at the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development has been ongoing since Thursday. “It’s not us. We had nothing to do with it, gentlemen,” politicians from the Civic Coalition were supposed to hear.

Less than two weeks have passed since the parliamentary elections. It is still not certain who will lead the government in the upcoming term – Donald Tusk or Mateusz Morawiecki. However, there are many indications that power will pass to the opposition, and Law and Justice, which has been in power for eight years, will have to say goodbye to its ministries.

PiS politicians are to destroy documents

During this time, there are reports from opposition politicians that the outgoing government was probably destroying documents from the time of its rule. “I am receiving reports of hundreds of bags of crushed documents being transported at night, specialists being hastily sought for damaging hard drives and the first flooded laptops,” wrote MP Michał Szczerba four days after the elections.

In a Friday interview in the Onet Rano program, the politician stated that such things still happen. – The day before yesterday I posted a photo from the Ministry of Culture or from the Ministry of Culture. On Tuesday, there was a photo in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, surprisingly. And this is from the department, which has a separate headquarters where grants are awarded to non-governmental organizations – said Szczerba.

Szczerba talks about numerous whistleblowers

The MP assured that “what they are destroying there” will be thoroughly checked. – We know the scale of this. We have photos, we have videos, but because it is ongoing and we want to document it all, we will not burn our sources at the moment. We have very different photos, but I wouldn’t like to go into details. Photos taken by employees… – he added.

Both he and MP Dariusz Joński are to cooperate with a large group of whistleblowers – These are people who work in ministries, institutions, agencies and services who are simply fed up – explains the politician.

– Yesterday, when we were leaving the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), people were harassing us. Employees grabbed us by the collars and coats and said: “It’s not us. We had nothing to do with it, gentlemen. Everything is sick here. Get it sorted.” This is not what parliamentary control should look like in an institution that is chosen to use enormous resources, Szczerba added.

Laptops with evidence for the prosecutor’s office were to be drowned

The scandal related to PARP, as the politician reminds, is estimated to amount to tens of millions. Moreover, this is not the only possible place where budget money would flow. As an example, Szczerba gives the National Center for Research and Development, where, apart from him and Joński, the audit was carried out by the Supreme Audit Office (NIK).

– In fact, we also dealt with NCBR, because I also write about laptops that are flooded somewhere. This is Ziobro’s case from before 2015, where the laptop suddenly got caught and drowned in the bathtub. At the moment it is even worse because, for example, the director of NCBR, Bielany, who was thrown out of the institution on February 10, took all the computers with him. One claims that it broke, the other claims that he went to Switzerland and has not returned yet. This all happened eight months ago, said the politician.

Szczerba: I have a quasi-mafia country

The lost laptops are supposed to contain evidence for the prosecutor’s office. – These people – and this is what the NIK auditors who interviewed witnesses and employees also say – recorded themselves and their management in various situations. The management recorded politicians to also have space for blackmail. All this has now been exported even outside the European Union, Szczerba explained.

– You could say that we have a quasi-mafia country with practices that actually come from films that we know more from cinema than in reality – he said, summarizing.

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