The hole in the ground has become a tourist attraction. All thanks to the ingenious inhabitants

The hole in the ground has become a tourist attraction.  All thanks to the ingenious inhabitants

Damaged asphalt unexpectedly appeared on the list of the city's best attractions. The residents wanted to draw attention to the problem with the surface.

Tripadvisor is often the first place tourists look for travel inspiration. This is where they can find reviews of restaurants, hotels and a collection of the most interesting tourist attractions of a given city or region. It turns out that we should not always take the recommendations provided there completely seriously. A hole in the ground has appeared on the list of the best attractions in the town of Totnes in Devon, UK.

A hole in the ground is a tourist attraction

This is not the first time that an inappropriate place has been named a tourist attraction. In Great Britain, people have already admired the supermarket tunnel and the ATM. In the past, sidewalk holes have also been among the attractions recommended by residents and tourists – a probable “precursor” was Chicago, where the “rat-shaped hole” became a sensation. Now it's time for the city of Totnes in southwest England. Located in Devon, the town became famous for its asphalt damage, which became popular thanks to its ingenious inhabitants.

The “Grand Canyon” was filled in

It all started with Totnes residents complaining about surface problems. As city officials once again ignored the problem, the pothole appeared on Totnes' top 50 attractions list. Even though she took a distant place, the joke brought the expected reaction. Last Friday, the local government started filling in the hole, called in reviews “the British version of the Grand Canyon”. However, Totnes residents believe the work was not done carelessly and are calling on the city to redo the job. Meanwhile, Tripadvisor has removed the unusual attraction from its list. Topping the online list in Totnes are The Timehouse art museum and the Tudor residence at Berry Pomeroy Castle.

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