The head of a state-owned company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange detained by the prosecutor's office. He became president a month ago

The National Prosecutor's Office will investigate the circumstances of the purchase of Hermes.  There is an official statement

Arkadiusz Arciszewski, president of the management board of Trakcja, was detained by the National Prosecutor's Office. Clarifications on this matter are ongoing.

Trakcja SA is a construction company listed on the Stock Exchange, specializing in railway infrastructure. Investors were probably the first to learn that its president, Arkadiusz Arciszewski, was detained on the orders of the national prosecutor's office. The company announced this in a stock exchange announcement, which stated that there are currently no further details regarding the reasons for the arrest, and the procedural activities are in progress.

The new president of Trakcja is in the hands of the prosecutor's office

The case is surprising because Arkadiusz Arciszewski was appointed president of Trakcja only a few weeks ago (April 18, 2024). However, he has been with the company since 2015 and during this time he has held several different positions, including: contract director, regional director, operational director and vice president.

The news of the arrest resulted in a several percent drop in the value of the company's shares on the stock exchange. Trakcja, listed on the Stock Exchange, is mostly owned by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe, which took over the majority stake in 2022. Currently, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe owns as much as 83 percent. Trakcja shares; Industrial Development Agency – 7.6 percent; the rest belongs to smaller entities.

PKP PLK took control of Trakcja in 2022 after its financial problems related to delays in the implementation of infrastructure projects. In 2023, Trakcja concluded two settlements with PKP PLK for PLN 294 million regarding contracts for the construction of the Szczecin Metropolitan Railway and LCS Terespol.

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