These 2 symptoms may indicate that your cholesterol is too high. They are easy to ignore

Poles consider this disease a sign of weakness.  It is much more dangerous than we think

High cholesterol is called the “silent killer” because it does not cause pain and can be detected through regular tests. However, we explain what two symptoms should worry you.

High levels of cholesterol in the blood may increase the risk of heart and circulatory system diseases. We must also remember that too high cholesterol is one of the main causes of premature death. Regular tests are important to monitor its level. Sometimes we should also be alert to symptoms that may indicate this condition. However, some of them are easy to downplay and confuse with other diseases.

Leg pain and general weakness as a symptom of too high cholesterol levels

A blood test can tell if your cholesterol is too high. However, sometimes the body itself lets you know that something bad is happening. It then sends signals, one of which may be chronic fatigue. However, we often ignore this symptom, confusing it with, for example, overwork. However, this is a sign that should definitely prompt us to see a doctor.

Another symptom that may indicate abnormal cholesterol levels is leg pain. This is a very common condition that is usually associated with overwork or too much physical activity. Sometimes, however, it is a symptom of a disease and may indicate that our cholesterol is too high. This is because excess cholesterol disrupts blood flow in the lower limbs. Additionally, they may appear pale or blue in color because high cholesterol levels lead to the formation of cholesterol deposits in the arteriesand this in turn causes the blood flow to decrease over time.

What other signs does high cholesterol cause?

Another symptom of too high cholesterol is, among others problem with concentration and memory. They also appear yellow bumps on the body (under the breasts, in the bends of the elbow, on the eyelids, and in other places). You may also experience lumps on your wrist tendons or Achilles tendon. What's more, some of them symptoms can be seen in the eyes – the so-called rim of the eye, which is a light gray or whitish arc or halo around the iris. There may also be deterioration of vision, spots or spots in front of the eyes.

People who have factors contributing to such elevated cholesterol levels should be especially careful. These include low levels of physical activity, an inappropriate diet with a lot of fatty food, but also liver disease, smoking and alcohol consumption. People over 30 years of age and those who are overweight and obese are also more likely to develop the disease. Check what other risk factors for high cholesterol there are.

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