The company is recalling aircraft engines. The airlines are at risk of paralysis

The company is recalling aircraft engines.  The airlines are at risk of paralysis

Pratt & Whitney, one of the world’s largest aircraft engine manufacturers, announced last week that it had to recall 1,200 of its units for inspection. According to the Financial Times, the situation is dangerous and could end with flight cancellations.

Pratt & Whitney announced last month that 1,200 of its engines would have to be removed from Airbus A320neo aircraft for “enhanced inspection”. The company said the engines were contaminated with powdered metal, which could cause cracks to form on critical parts.

Engines withdrawn

200 inspections should take place by mid-September and the remaining 1,000 over the next nine to twelve months. This puts airlines at risk of paralysis. To avoid grounding planes, airlines plan to temporarily lease engines for their machines.

Hawaiian Airlines CEO Peter Ingram told investors he had “backup support” from engines returning from the shop or replacement parts “provided by Pratt & Whitney to support operating carriers.”

The airlines are looking for a plan B

Joanna Geraghty, president and chief operating officer of JetBlue, said in an interview about the company’s second-quarter results that it was trying to lease additional engines to avoid disruption.

Spirit Airlines warned that its fourth-quarter revenue would suffer as it had to ground seven planes, adding that the company would be overstaffed as a result.

An Airbus spokesman told US Insider that the company is working with its customers and Pratt & Whitney to minimize disruption and implement required inspection plans. In turn, WizzAir announced in a presentation for investors that it intends to suspend some connections. However, he did not answer questions in detail, referring to a report on the state of his fleet.

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