Uncertain second indexation of pensions. ZUS is hurrying the ministry

Applications for a new benefit are submitted to ZUS.  PLN 18.5 million has already been paid

The second indexation of pensions is one of the election promises of the Civic Coalition. The government has not yet clearly declared whether it will apply this year. ZUS reminds that it will not be able to carry out the reform overnight.

For years, indexation of pensions and pensions has been carried out once a year, in March. During the election campaign, the Civic Coalition promised seniors a second indexation if inflation in the first six months of the year exceeds 5%.

Second indexation of pensions and annuities

A few weeks ago, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy announced that it had already prepared a draft law on this matter and it was included in the government's list of legislative works. The project was submitted to the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers.

Although inflation is currently at a very low level and within the inflation target of the National Bank of Poland (2.5%), there is a risk that it will increase after July 1, when the protective shields for energy and gas will cease to apply.

The government has still not made a decision on the second indexation. It seems unlikely – the price increase after July 1 will occur already in the second half of the year, and the assumptions link the second indexation with high inflation in the first six months. Nevertheless, the Social Insurance Institution has become concerned and is urging the government to take a stand. However, if a second indexation were to take place, the Plant must prepare for it and implement appropriate payment processing systems. “Fakt” obtained the letter that the ZUS management sent to the ministry.

ZUS writes to the Ministry of Family

“The company needs about six months to modify the IT systems regarding the indexation of pension and disability benefits, taking into account the need to conduct a public tender for the executive agreement under the framework agreements for KSI (comprehensive IT system). Previous experience shows that it is possible to shorten this time in the case of urgent legislative projects, but in this specific situation, the period to prepare the systems for the possible payment of indexed benefits from September 2024 is not sufficient,” it was written.

Pension indexation 2024. Who will receive a higher pension after indexation?

A pension is a benefit that is subject to indexation. This year, the indexation rate increased by 12.12 percent. This means that the minimum pension increased by PLN 192 gross, and the payment from ZUS – by PLN 370 gross. This is a significant increase, especially for people receiving the lowest pension. The record holder will receive a pension that is almost PLN 5,000 higher.

A higher pension benefit after indexation will be provided to all those who receive a pension from the Social Insurance Fund, a military or police pension or pension, or an agricultural pension or pension. People receiving pre-retirement benefits or teachers' compensation benefits will also receive additional money.

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