The government reached an agreement with farmers. Kołodziejczak revealed the details

The government reached an agreement with farmers.  Kołodziejczak revealed the details

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Michał Kołodziejczak, as well as leaders of organizations and representatives of agricultural unions met as part of the European Agricultural Forum (EFR) in Jasionka in Podkarpacie. Did they manage to reach an agreement?

During the press conference, a document containing a set of commitments was presented. The arrangements contained therein concern, among others: trade issues between Poland and Ukraine – the ministry announced on March 20.

Kołodziejczak assesses the atmosphere of the talks

Deputy Minister Kołodziejczak noted that “the talks were difficult” on both sides, but eventually a compromise was reached and “a set of mutual obligations was agreed upon,” we read.

Kołodziejczak emphasizes that “the most important thing is to develop trade rules between Poland and Ukraine.” In the document, both sides agreed that the ministry was to submit a request to the head of government, Donald Tusk, aimed at “suspending the transit of products that are currently subject to the embargo.” This will remain in force until an “agreement on trade rules” can be reached between the countries, which is intended to “secure the Polish market,” says the deputy minister.

What about the Green Deal?

What is the purpose of suspending transit? This includes: ensuring that support, intended primarily for grain producers, is actually received by farmers.

The second important issue is the European Green Deal, which causes so much controversy among farmers. The regulations are to be thoroughly analyzed and will result in “simplification of the regulations regarding eco-schemes”. The issue of bureaucratization is also to be modified to the benefit of farmers to reduce the burden in this area.

Farmers protest. You can encounter blockades in every province

“Star Raid” is scheduled for March 20. Farmers (who are also supported here and there by representatives of other professional groups) plan to paralyze traffic on the roads entering Warsaw from the north and east, as well as the junction at the intersection of the S2 route and provincial road 801 on the right bank of the Vistula. The Young Farmers Movement reported that over 270 places where protests would take place across the country had been reported.

The general strike of agricultural Solidarity is to last a whole month.

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