Mejza identified in Zielona Góra. There is a recording

Mejza identified in Zielona Góra.  There is a recording

Police officers in Zielona Góra checked MP Łukasz Mejza’s ID due to incorrect parking. The actions of the policemen were recorded on video. However, it is not known whether the deputy accepted the mandate.

The recording of the intervention was posted by the Civil Society – Zielona Góra profile. The videographer said that the car was parked in a place where the sidewalk was only 1.5 meters wide, and a sign prohibited the parking of the vehicle in this place.

– MP, Mr. Mejza, who escaped on a scooter, was found – says the man who reported incorrect parking by MP Łukasz Mejza in the recording. – Sir, why didn’t you buy a ticket? And you parked in the wrong place? he asked. – Mr. Patryk, I said that all I can do for you is pray for your sanity. Best regards – said Łukasz Mejza to the author of the recording.

He announced that he would report the matter to the parliamentary ethics committee. In the next part of the recording, he pointed out that the car was still parked illegally. The recorder also wanted to know whether the politician wanted to use his MP’s card to avoid being fined for parking inappropriately.

“Well, as you can see, no, I’m showing proof,” replied the envoy. He then entered the building for a moment.

– Unlike the idol of the opposition, MP Sterczewski, I do not hide my identity card – the MP told the recording artist. – Yes, and did you accept the mandate? asked Mr. Patrick. The envoy blew him a kiss through the window and drove off.

Intervention against MP Mejza. It is not known whether he accepted the mandate

In an interview with Wirtualna Polska, Sub-Inspector Małgorzata Stanisławska, spokesperson for the Municipal Police Commander in Zielona Góra, said that the intervention concerned incorrect parking. Was the MP punished with a mandate and did he accept it? She did not answer these questions.

Łukasz Mejza ran for the Sejm from the PSL list. He took over the mandate after the deceased member of the PSL, Jolanta Fedak. However, he did not join the Polish Coalition club, remained unaffiliated, and collaborated with Adam Bielan’s Republican Party. In the vast majority of votes, he votes like the ruling camp. The politician became famous due to his unclear interests.

Journalists found out that the company Vinci NeoClinic, owned by the then deputy minister of sport, offered patients, among others, for cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, “pluripotent stem cell” therapy. Parents of terminally ill children were also to be persuaded to therapy, also personally by Łukasz Mejza.

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