Discounts are no longer available online. A popular chain closes its e-shop. What about landlines?

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In June 2021, the Half Price chain debuted, selling branded products at low prices, but visually it differs from the boutiques we know from shopping malls. The retail chain belonging to CCC refers to the British brand TK Maxx. Half Price will be closing its online store soon.

Half Price is a chain of stores behind the CCC brand. It refers to the popular TK Maxx chain in Poland, a store offering end-of-line products at very affordable prices.

Half Price has been operating in Poland since 2021

Both stores are based on the “off-price” model, i.e. selling products at bargain prices. They do not organize promotions, sales or provide discounts. They offer products from various manufacturers. These are shoes, clothes, accessories, home furnishings. Often these are single pieces. More items arrive all the time, so the assortment changes much more often than in typical stores.

The first stationary store opened in June 2021, and was soon joined by an online store. Apparently it did not attract customers, because the chain decided to close it at the end of March.

“Dear Customer, on April 1, 2024, the online store will be closed. If you have a Customer Account, you can make purchases there until March 31, 2024 inclusive. After this date, support will still be available for customers who have placed orders – returns and complaints will be considered in accordance with the store regulations. We invite you to HalfPrice stationary stores in Poland and abroad, which will be opened in additional locations this year,” we read on the store chain's website.

Currently, Half Price stores operate in over 100 locations in Poland, as well as in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Latvia and Hungary.

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