The candidate for president of Wrocław lost in court. Known details

The candidate for president of Wrocław lost in court.  Known details

The court dismissed Izabela Bodnar's application under the electoral procedure. A candidate for the mayor of Wrocław sued residents over a video they posted online.

A recording with a “warning for Wrocław residents” appeared on YouTube. It is a film with a candidate for the president of Wrocław, starring Arkadiusz Lewandowski, Emilia Romaniak and Małgorzata Blecharz, a councilor of the Chojnów commune.

Residents of Czernikowice recorded a video. Izabela Bodnar reacts

“Izabela Bodnar and her dark trash secrets. In the village of Czernikowice near Lubin in Lower Silesia, her husband Maciej B.'s company (the prosecutor's office is conducting proceedings against him) organized an illegal dumping ground for hazardous waste in a former gravel pit. Residents of the area are helpless and fear for their lives, their children and families. Do Izabela Bodnar and her husband want to bring the same fate to the inhabitants of Wrocław?!” – emphasized in the description of the recording.

Interia reported that the Polish 2050 politician took the case to court under the electoral procedure. Bodnar demanded a ban on disseminating false information about the “alleged and illegal” storage of waste by her husband's company in Czernikowice, linking it with the company's activities, and a public correction and apology in writing.

Local elections 2024. The court decided on the applications of the candidate for the president of Wrocław

The District Court in Wrocław noted that Bodnar served as a proxy in EkoPartner until mid-November 2015. It was also emphasized that the District Prosecutor's Office in Złotoryja is investigating the illegal storage of waste, which allegedly took place from January 17 to March 23, 2023. “So far, it has been confirmed that waste is being stored on the plot contrary to the permit of the Marshal of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship,” reads the fragment. justification.

According to the court, “the statements and the recording did not refer to the candidate for the president of Wrocław, but to the company EkoPartner Recykling Sp. z o. o. and Maciej Bodnar, who is not a candidate”, hence the case cannot be examined under the electoral procedure. In turn, the film does not attribute any connection to her with the company's illegal activities, but only a relationship with her husband. According to the court, the information regarding Poland 2050 policies “is true.” Bodnar is to share the court costs with the defendants.

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