The translation market in Poland: an expert explains what influences the industry’s growth

The translation market in Poland: an expert explains what influences the industry's growth

The translation industry is one of the most dynamically developing service sectors in the last few years. It is estimated that the value of the translation market in Poland in 2022 will be approximately PLN 1 billion, and globalization, migration and international trade drive the demand for translators’ services. Here’s what the expert thinks is driving the industry’s growth.

There is no doubt that the translation industry in Poland is doing well. In addition to large translation companies, there are also many small translation agencies on the market that provide services to individuals and companies. Despite the great fragmentation of the market, it seems that offices cannot complain about the lack of orders. Even the outbreak of the pandemic did not significantly affect the financial condition of the translation industry. It can even be said that lockdown and isolation have improved the situation of this sector due to the inability to directly contact customers and the need to provide services remotely. When the situation stabilized in 2022, only players remained on the market who secured the interests of customers during the pandemic.

This period, according to an industry expert, clearly showed that even a field of services that is in high demand may not survive on the market without taking the necessary development activities. After the end of the pandemic, there were only translation agencies left in the industry that not only perfectly understand the needs of customers, but also can quickly implement new technologies to improve the quality of services.

What influences the translation market in Poland?

As in any industry, also in the translation services sector, it is worth keeping up to date with new market trends and adapting the offer to current requirements. If we want to build a positive image of the company in the eyes of potential customers, reliability and punctuality in the execution of orders are no longer enough. First of all, we need to meet the new market expectations – emphasizes the expert representing the Superpowiedz translation agency. In his opinion, modern technologies and knowledge of trends are an absolute necessity and can influence the development of a company dealing in translation services. Knowledge of expectations and the implementation of new solutions that customers are currently interested in are also important for the industry’s growth.

According to a translation agency expert, what counts in the development of the industry is the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of this service sector. The undoubted advantages include, among others: growing demand for translations from state institutions, international investments and the development of technological tools that improve and accelerate the work of translators. The biggest problems of the industry include: undefined quality standards, the development of online translators that are spoiling the market and price pressure from customers. This last aspect is difficult for many translation agencies to accept, because a low price should not be a factor in deciding to order a translation.

Modern technologies influence the development of the industry

It seems obvious that a good translation agency should be a development company and without the implementation of modern technologies it will not be able to survive in the current services market. According to the expert, the industry’s growth is influenced by providing translation agency clients with translations that are created with the help of innovative tools and artificial intelligence. In order to improve its sales strategy and financial results, a good translation agency should be interested in the best programs and tools that will enable more effective, faster and more accurate execution of orders in a shorter time than the competition.

Without a doubt, the growth of the translation industry depends not only on the actions taken by companies, but also on independent factors, such as political events or economic crises. Recent years have shown that the translation industry has gained as a result of the pandemic, and for now there is no indication that this upward trend will change.

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