CPK authorities: Canceling the construction would be a blow to the economy

CPK authorities: Canceling the construction would be a blow to the economy

The budget hole and the construction of the Central Communication Port are currently the two loudest topics of political debate. The CPK authorities published a list of arguments proving that the project is profitable.

The discussion about the Central Communication Port continues. The changes that will most likely take place in Polish politics may affect the future of one of the flagship projects of the United Right government.

The construction of the CPK needs to be rethought

The leaders of the so-called democratic opposition parties, who have the best chance of forming a government, argue that the project of building the Central Communication Port needs to be looked at carefully.

– We will check whether it is rational, how much harm it causes to people, whether it is justified, how did it happen that the airports joined the CPK, maybe they already have the papers to include LOT in the CPK? You need to check this – Szymon Hołownia, one of the leaders of the Third Way, the second force in the potential ruling coalition, said on Polsat News on October 24.

– We need to look at this, we have no logic of revenge. We have very serious doubts about this project and how it is being run. In my opinion, this project should at least be suspended, and perhaps we should consider whether we need it today – declared the leader of Poland 2050.

The topic of CPK also appeared among the pre-election 100 items of the Civic Coalition for the first 100 days of government. “We will verify the Central Communication Port project. We will stop bandit expropriations and right the wrongs of those who have already been expropriated. We will block the sale of Okęcie airport – we read in specific 81 of the program.

CPK authorities: Construction will boost the Polish economy

The authorities of the company responsible for the construction of the Central Communication Port have a different opinion. The latest announcement lists a number of arguments that show the project’s beneficial impact on the Polish economy.

“The Central Communication Port will drive the Polish economy. It’s a fact, not an opinion. Powerful investors from France and Australia are ready to invest several billion zlotys in the airport, which they believe will bring a high rate of return. The world-famous EY company estimates that the CPK infrastructure will generate almost PLN 200 billion by 2060 from the revenues from cargo transshipment alone. In recent days, the European Union has confirmed further co-financing of the CPK railway investment – this time with the amount of approximately PLN 300 million. Against this background, the voices in Poland about discontinuing the project sound absurd,” we read in the CPK press release.

The company emphasizes that a possible withdrawal from the construction of the CPK would expose the State Treasury to the need to pay contractual penalties to the contractors with whom contracts were signed for the implementation of the project. As noted, this would also mean giving up the potential profits generated by the airport.

– Discussion about closing the project is absurd and detrimental to serious business talks. As a commercial law company, we operate under basic regulations, and the changing legal environment does not have a positive impact on business. If we want to attract multi-billion revenues for our economy, let’s stop the process of exporting passengers and cargo to other countries. Let’s finally let the profits start to stay here – emphasizes Marcin Horała, deputy minister of funds and regional policy, government representative for CPK.

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