The deepest swimming pool in the world was opened in Mszczonów. The first photos are here

The deepest swimming pool in the world was opened in Mszczonów.  The first photos are here

On Saturday, November 21, the world’s deepest swimming pool was opened in Mszczonów near Warsaw. The 45-meter object broke the record previously held by the Italian Y-40 Deep Joy in Montegrotto Terme.

45 meters deep, volume estimated at 27 Olympic swimming pools – the statistics of the Deepspot swimming pool opened in Mszczonów are impressive. No wonder the media around the world are starting to write about the Polish facility. In the coming days, the media hype will certainly increase even more, as the first photos and recordings of the completed diving pool appear on social media.

Deepspot. Swimming pool and additional attractions

Even though swimming pools across the country have been closed due to the coronavirus, Deepspot has no problems welcoming guests. This is because it is treated as a training facility for divers, not an ordinary swimming pool. However, this place is also prepared for times after the pandemic. It has conference rooms and restaurants, hotel rooms overlooking the swimming pool, and an underwater corridor from which you can see quite deep.

Deepspot record in danger

As the owners emphasize, the pool was created for divers of all skill levels. Its main part is 20 meters deep. Next begins a narrower space, surrounded by a thick concrete pipe. Diving fans can swim between several rooms. They will also encounter a sunken yacht and interesting facts hidden under water. However, domestic record fans must hurry. Deepspot will soon lose its title of the deepest swimming pool in the world to another similar investment carried out in Colchester, Great Britain.

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